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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    That is still odd, i've never seen steam use that much memory on any machine i've ever used, even linux machines. mine was using about only 400mb, even got it down to around 60 mb when using this launch option. it removes the webhelper processes - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe"...
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    Not sure if serious, I think i have all the launchers running at same time usually and they have little to no impact to my system. Maybe I'm lucky
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    But which is it? They are saying valve is controlling prices and not allowing sales cheaper than steam store. But it seems epic is cheaper?
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    But do any of the other stores allow this, i doubt epic would allow too many devs to have their games on other storefronts with a standard lower price than egs?
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    [Xbox] MX vs ATV Alive and Too Human (free till ?)

    Thanks, i had gotten the Mx Vs ATV previously but had not seen 'Too human'. these also work on xbox one/series x.
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    PSA: Migrate your Bethesda Account games to Steam starting today (04/27/2022).

    Glad i saw this and checked, I had quake 3 somehow, they must have given that away for free at some point. transfer process was quick.
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    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License $49.99

    Curious how they can sell a $400 product for 50$? i mean, i doubt MS gave them that much of a discount :)
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    Xbox game pass PC

    It seems to be mixed bag, Halo master chief collection and forza 5, both could install to any folder. But forza 4 and some others i could not. Also for the ones that install to any folder, i have complete access to add/delete anything. So this is huge improvement, at least for the games that...
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    Xbox game pass PC

    So the folder option does work for some games but not all, wonder if they will update them in future to support this for all games.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    So for me, now the Galaxy client doesn't recognize my install, its basically redownloading the whole game. Not a big deal though, the download is maxing out my 1gig internet so not gunna take too long :)
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    Forza Horizon 5 (Mexico)

    You can win so many with wheel spins, I've never bought any. I've already won 1 car and less than 2 hours in. in forza 4 I had over 100 cars and never bought any.
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    Your reaction if Nintendo went third party.

    Why would they do this? Their hardware sells. They would then have to pay the 30%, not gunna happen
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    Epic Games Store

    We should thank all the fortnight players for subsidizing our free games on epic store. 😁
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    Intel officially announces new $20bn fab near Columbus, OH

    This is in New Albany Ohio, not Columbus but near there. I believe new Albany annex that land for this purpose. fun fact, Median family income is 200k there.
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    3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1

    Yea it did work, and I finished the 1$/1 month not too long ago