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    AMD's Checkmate

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    GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 WiFi antennas

    Contact the manufacture.
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    What OSs are out there?

    +1 Linux Mint
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    Latest Firefox is disabling all extentions

    Very preventable issue yet Mozilla said it wouldn't ever be a concern. *eye roll*
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    New Gaming Build Behaving Strangely

    I suggest taking the GPU and placing it into a different system first. Easy and very conclusive. Almost every artifact issue I've dealt with has been related to GPU.
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    1. Buy House Insurance for crappy house 2. Buy 2080 TI 3. ??? 4. Buy new house
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    What is this error message?

    Don't forget to put it in the wash to get it really clean!
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    i7 8700k hitting 100c when booted up

    Sounds like pump is connected to a regular fan header.
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    $36 intel inside sticker

    Worth it. Makes your PC go faster.
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    Battlefield 1?

    I stopped playing a while ago. But I know there are still lots playin!
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    Holy mother of....

    Fancy words to confuse the normal's.
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    Firefox Quantum (FF 57)

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    Firefox Quantum (FF 57)

    I understand things need to be updated. I get it, I just wish they'd leave the appearance alone. Hate having to find work-around for addons that aren't supported yet, get things looking like the way they were before.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Small update: Ran Windows update which seemed to help address this issue. I've noticed the overall popping issue has reduced about 70% but the popping is still there however instead of "pops" it's stubble clicks. I'm thinking this weekend I'll do a fresh install and at this point I believe it's...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Attached is LatencyMon screenshot. Below is the report. If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be very much appreciated. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSION...