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    Best CPU's of all time?

    Any list that doesn't have the Celeron 300a isn't a complete list. Any list that has the P4 way up high is a horrible list. Intel reducing the amount of work the cpu's did per cycle just to crank up the ghz in order to have greater appeal to Joe DumbassPCBuyer was just garbage. That move...
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    Buy Q6600 now or wait for prices to fall?

    It's just always going to be that way with anything related to technology. Even if you wait four months, you could just ask the exact same question.
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    1 KeyBoard/Mouse & 2 Computers

    Buy a KVM switch.
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    Guitar Hero III: PC and MAC

    Geesh... the phone jack is for the headsets ... you know, when communicating over xbox live? I mean, how could that even be an ethernet port?.... Astonishing.
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    To Wii or not to Wii?

    I can give big N the credit for the Wii controller, but the hardware is just too basic. I've got a $2,000 tv whose potential is wasted on a rehashed gamecube. I don't know for a fact that it's a gamecube underneath, all I'm saying is that the graphics look the same. Nintendo must be making a...
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    Games that should be made

    Trade Wars 2002 1st-person RPG. Hell, make it an MMORPG if you want to.
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    Is Crysis a far cry from what it should be??

    Crysis was just evolutionary over revolutionary. It was Far Cry with better graphics, but didn't add anything new. I hated the mutants in FarCry, and I hated the aliens in Crysis. They're just a super-tough enemy to fight against because the developer can't program an AI opponent with your same...
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    Crysis too easy?

    As much as I agree that the cloak and abundant trees make the game easier, I can guarantee you that if I was in a real-life situation where I had my own nano-suit, was stuck on a tropical island, was surrounded by guys that wanted to kill me, etc... you can bet a million dollars that my scaredy...
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    SOF:Payback...worst game ever?

    What else would you expect from Activision Value.
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    Crysis MP

    Depends if you'd rather be locked in a prison cell or trapped on a big tropical island. No opinion necessary.
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    I'm stuck in Crysis...

    ... on the Core level where there are the three "forcefields" <--- that part of the level. I'm past the forcefields but don't see the next place to go... any help out there?
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    What games have you pulled all-nighters playing?

    Thunder Walker CTF for the original Quake back in the day. Team based play with fancy powerups = fun. Then nothing happened until the speed cheat came out for CS. It was addicting being able to run around and stab people 50 times a second, and then like three days later it was patched, but...
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    I need a free telnet server for Windows

    He's looking for a telnet server, not a client.
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    The best fighter pilot game out to date?

    If you were like me, back in the day you picked up Falcon 4.0 with a huge paper manual in a metal binder. You see, back then, games came with actual instruction booklets, not the lame ass html docs on the cd that you get today.