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    Odyssey G7 Scanlines?

    LOL. I had 3 c32hg70 monitors in surround. 2 years in every single monitor had scanlines. Every. Single. Monitor. Confirmed by Samsung to be defective. $1800 for less than 2 years of gaming? Meanwhile my zr30w's lasted 7 for gaming before I moved on. And still have one above my AW38...
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    Anyone have a heatsink they like for sticking on the back of 3090s?

    I am under water, but that ek active backplate plummeted my vram Temps. Cut them in half vs just a full front block. I definitely recommend whatever heatsinks you find that will work. Aim a fan there too!
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    38” Alienware - $1282

    I went with this monitor too. You should be happy you didn't go Samsung. I had 3 c32hg70 monitors in surround. EVERY SINGLE ONE FAILED. I have a whole other story of Samsung making an agreement to reimburse me, a signed agreement. Then changing their mind and removing my access to the case...
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    Just had to share! 32" G7 is on the way!!

    I had 3 Samsung c32hg70 in nvidia surround. ALL THREE BEGAN TO FAIL a little over 2 years after purchase. 3 years after purchase they were approaching uselessness. 100% failure rate. Good luck. I went with an AW3821. I will never buy another Samsung monitor as long as I live.
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    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    I emailed to ask, told my 3090 wasn't shipping until 12/16. Emailed back a minute later to cancel my order. 10 minutes later I had pre-shipment information. Just shipped out today. Not very excited about the brand or price, but I have a new case and watercooling setup waiting to move my...
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    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    These have been up all day. I ordered a 3090 cause I am tired of waiting, and cancelled my provantage pre order. Now I wonder if this is gonna get cancelled.
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    Steelcase Leap Sold by Amazon Brand New $731.62
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I gave up looking and ordered an Asus Tuf 3090 from Provantage for slightly under msrp. Backordered so might wait a month, but whatever. If my evga auto notify hits before then I will either cancel the provantage order or hook someone up if it comes in. I work 10 hours a day, I just don't...
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    $208 32GB B-Die, $140 - G.SKILL Ripjaws V 32GB (2 x 16GB)DDR4 3600

    I thought that as well. I couldn't get my b-die stable at 4133 c17 they were rated for with 2 sticks. Then I looked more into things. So I bought 2 more sticks and went from 16gb to 32gb. Now I am stable at the advertised ratings.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    It is official. For the Palit 2080ti.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand Running on my card right now. My core clock used to bounce a lot, now it is rock solid.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    There is now a bios with 124% power. FYI.
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    Is that at stock voltage or are you overclocking These 9900k's remind me of the old gtx 480's I ran in tri-sli. You could warm your house with it if you are overclocking.
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    $999 EVGA 2080ti Black Edition: A good deal?

    I am pretty sure you bought the base Strix model that has a 1545mhz clock, which is the maximum for non-a chips. yes, though the regular 2080 Ti Strix is overclocked a bit and you aren't guaranteed an A chip with that one. I recently bought one and it didn't have an A chip and so did someone...
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    $999 EVGA 2080ti Black Edition: A good deal?

    Non-A cards are stock frequency. Any overclocking at all indicates an A binned card. I would imagine this matters more for people using air. I'm on water and see no need to ever consider an A card for $200 more.