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    Binned DDR5 supposedly hitting 10,000 MT/s

    This is probably why AMD hasn't bothered to try slap a faster/better IGPU on... wait for DDR5 and also make some reason to upgrade from current APUs lol.
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    Binned DDR5 supposedly hitting 10,000 MT/s

    IIRC 2011 was when I built my 2600k rig, I've never had so long out of a rig (okay it got fried so I replaced MB/CPU with same platform) - a groundbreaking dual core Opteron 939 was the only thing close.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    I think there is now. But with a freighter you can own multiple ships (maybe without a freighter). So you don't need to touch the upgrades, just add news ones to the new ship.
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    My double wide steel case has wheels on it for exactly this reason! If there was no room, it also doubled as a portable gaming surface (for KB/Mouse). Last LAN I did was few years back, CS:S, UT and few others was a great time! Best way to socially play computer games and the ping is...
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    Logitech discontinues harmony remotes

    LG V10 with IR control has been able to control almost everything I've tried it on over the years (to hours of hilarity)..
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    Literally the Star Citizen of hardware manufacturers.
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    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    Have V10 with 6k mah and a v30. Aside from solder/chip backfill issues the V10 was amazing. V30 bang for buck best portable DAP under 400usd, enough said. You can get them for a note... That DAC is phenominal and probably one of the greatest phones with a headphones Jack. Fuck dongles on a...
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    Discord Crypto Scam for Defiproline

    Ayy y'all should sell some crypto to Jay Mazini he made me a rich man!
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    Just to add if you are like me running win7 the ax200 shithead Intel drivers dont exist. 8000 series is fastest Intel wlan on win7 with support.
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    Ax20x series pcie cards are literally m2 wlan cards on a pcie interface, doesn't matter if its my gigabyte or the actual Intel kit. Same shit unless its broadcom model usually. But yeah nothing beats cable.
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    Artifacts black dots only on 165mhz. Gpu or monitor or driver issue?

    I'd guess cable or some weird slightly out of spec component with issues at a certain frequency/load if it only appears at one refresh rate. Veeeeerrry weird and rare issue.
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    New To mining.. who wants to help

    You put all the hardware hoarders here to shame. Holy fuck lol.
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    AMD pushes back on Tiger Lake with Cezanne mobile CPUs

    Lenovo has 4 week build delays (and no stock) on Zen2 APUs right now so would expect they are keeping channel clear for them.
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    What is the "Bentley" in terms of build quality of cases?

    Custom CNC.. like some of the inwins above. If you truly want whatever you can think of get in touch and I can make it happen.
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    Youtube forcing ads on uBlock

    I just ran into this on vivaldi mobile. Are there any android browsers that are up to date and can run Ublock etc or get around this? Presuming it'll take time to work around..