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    I cannot install Windows 10 on my SSD

    Usually this is either the target volume ( or available space on said volume or partition) is too small for the install, or you are trying to install to the non-primary partition. DISKPART it (on another machine if neccessary) to wipe what is there, create a new primary partition (GPT) and and...
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    Cisco 12gb RAID card - will this work in non-cisco boxes?

    In general, yes. It is just a rebadged LSI product. The only issue you may have with some models of this (and other Cisco branded rebadges) is that some of them are setup for mezzanine slot or bracket slot installation and will not fit in a normal PCIe slot without yanking off the cache module...
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    Need help - RAID Trouble with Highpoint RocketRAID2320

    Unfortunately, those chinese USB/eSATA towers mostly come with claptrap power supplies. If you are going to try a new replacement card, try a seller that takes returns in case it isn't the card. If the enclosure needs to be replaced, replace it with something SAS and either run an enclosure with...
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    Need help - RAID Trouble with Highpoint RocketRAID2320

    Are all 5 drives on the same power supply rail? If so, try moving them to two different rails (or at least cables). If it continues to present the same problem, it is most likely the card (but still could be bad power since all the failures occur within a second or two.
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    Need help - RAID Trouble with Highpoint RocketRAID2320

    While it is of course possible (though not probable) that all 5 drives failed at once, the more likely scenario is the power rail the drives are on has failed/is failing (though power supply failures when related to drives usually manifest the other way, failing on reboot where the spinup of...
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    Need help fixing my drive renaming blunder

    You learn the wonders of mount points and UNC paths!
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    WD 16 TB Gold HDD

    It sounds like your adapter isn't LBA48 compliant. 566 is abnormal, usually if you are CHS locked it comes up as 504GB.
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    16TB M.2 SSD!

    That one is actually legit, here's the manufacturers page.
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    DC drives & dampening mounts - OK?

    Unless you have a situation where you have significant external stress or sympathetic vibration from case to drive you should be ok with any data center drive IMHO.
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    16TB M.2 SSD!

    The shitty controller heats up the aluminum case, expanding the internal volume letting it store more data!!!
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards) Read the note at the bottom, that might be it.
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    Lost 96TB ARECA RAID >> HELP - Possible to recreate Virtual Volumes?

    The first question is what exactly happened and what do you see? if you login to the card via Ethernet, do you see the original RAIDset and Volumeset? Does it show just 8 free drives? Have you done ANYTHING to the drives since losing access? Do you have 8 spare 12TB drives you can use to make...
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    can I disable NVMe slot?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to do what you want at the hardware level. One thing you could do is create a Virtual Machine, pass-through the secondary m.2 drive to that VM and this way you can have virtualized hardware access to that drive while the rest of the system above the Hypervisor...
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    So anyone in here have any tape library experience?

    What is your current need for daily/weekly/monthly backup, how much churn do you forsee daily for incremental or differential backups? How often do you plan on sending the tapes offsite and replacing them with new ones? How much do you see your backup needs increasing over the next 60 months? Do...
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    Anyone ever replace a HD SAS connector ?

    This is the one I have now, I like it a lot.