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    HP Omen Hub Exposes Millions of Gamers to Cyberattack

    HP Omen Hub Exposes Millions of Gamers to Cyberattack
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    CPU for 1440p Gaming/Streaming

    Get an NVIDIA GPU and let the GPU do the work along with gaming. If you really want to stream at the best quality, you are looking at a 2nd system with a capture card. On my 3900XT when i was running OSB and using CPU for it , as ifI used my RX 6800 i got lower FPS, considerably, it was using...
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    PIA is pretty much rated the worst VPN provider around, mainly because they were bought by a advertising firm that has done some shady things in the past, you can bet all of your data is being sold to who ever wants it. NordVPN I think is still king.
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    Diablo II Resurrected: Offical Thread

    If they were smart and had burstable infra, would not be an issues, but likely more a software code base issue also. The problem is crappy launches last 2-3 days, then bugs, and maybe a week or 2 later people can actually play. So instead of pissing off players who may never come back, do it...
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    Diablo II Resurrected: Offical Thread

    They will have problems, totally...they would rather save money then spend money over provisioning "just in case"
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    Court issues permanent injunction in Epic v. Apple case

    I mean, on one side Apple and Google had a monopoly on the market....So i could understand why this was judged how it was. But at the same time, it is Apple and Google OS / Store and devices (Google = Samsung / LG and everyone else) So if you do not want to use our store, too bad. But, then on...
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    good VLAN switch for business?

    HPE ProCurve is all I used back in the days, dam reliable. HPE bought Aruba some time ago and merged their line in with HPs. I do recall that the OS may still be different between the ProCurve vs Aruba switches but if it is all new to you anyways may not matter. HPE Procurve switches are not...
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    Router with Parental Controls.

    OpenDNS as well for good ways to block traffic in general you do not want them accessing.
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    3060 Ti lhr very inconsistent mining with Nicehash.

    The rates vary, nothing is 100% consistent, You are selling mining power via nicehash, it is about demand and how many other people are selling at the same time. I can go from making $4 one second to it spiking upto $10 for a second and back down. If you want consitent 100% same rates, do not...
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    good VLAN switch for business?

    2nd this, Ubiquiti should be dead to everyone, they showed their true colors.
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    PC gaming monitors that have hardware calibration? 32" or 27"

    Hardware Cal. are likley to come in higher end design monitors, not "gaming" monitors. Gaming monitors are high Mhz and low response time usually sacrificing colour quality.
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    good VLAN switch for business?

    Router support VLANS I presume... for that you would use ACL with in the router or pending on the switch, the switch. Block each VLAN from seeing each other as a rule, I would make a 3rd vlan for the MFP - you then allow your 2 company vlans access to ONLY the MFP VLAN/IP (lock down the rule...
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    good VLAN switch for business?

    Whats your budget? How many devices? Will they be using the same router for internet access?
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    Best NVMe SSD for VMWare workstation?

    @_Gea This is for VMWare workstation to run 4 VM's.....i presume this is not a business case use for any critical production workloads, so the DC variants and the price are total overkill for the users needs. If the OP is using VMware workstation for any production workloads, they should quit...
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    Delete Account

    Properly, it should, but since [H] doesn't fall under any real privacy data laws, they do not need to, but deleting accounts is just nice to do sometimes versus leaving open old accounts, which say later gets comprised and now someone is posting as you... Best thing would be to change the...