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    Sony Censors the Butt Out of Devil May Cry 5 for Western Audiences

    Sony likes to sodomize unconscious women with flashlights anally, I see.
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    Sounds like it doesn't matter much in terms of Avengers' plot, so I'm skipping. Looks insanely boring.
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    RIP PS Vita: Sony Officially Ends Production

    Loving mine since the exploit scene blew up.
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    Researchers Find a 19 Year Old Bug In WinRAR

    Wow, I actually remember the ACE format.
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    EA Australia and ArenaNet Hit With Significant Layoffs

    The joke kind of applies. The game runs like absolute dog shit anymore because it practically makes no use of multithreading and runs on old DX9 I believe. They keep throwing more and more graphical content in an old and busted engine, and you have to just accept that no matter your machine...
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    Visa, Mastercard Mull Increasing Fees for Processing Transactions

    I know you guys usually shit on crypto here, but uh....this is why you guys need crypto.
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    Transitioning genders is no longer being trans. You heard it here folks. That label now requires additional criteria. Okie dokie.
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    Oh hey, it's the most transphobic movie ever. (I loved it.) But we're not gonna go apeshit on it as long as Jim Carry keeps painting republicans as demons.
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    Fortune Interviews Lisa Su

    He fell into the shit abyss, bubs.
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    Analyst Predicts PS5, Next-Gen Xbox Will Offer 4K, 240 FPS, Virtual Reality

    We're not back to listening to Pachter again are we? That's a name I've not heard in almost a decade, and for good reason.
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    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Development Dumps Linux and Mac Support

    Pretty sure they cancelled this for Vita. A damn shame.
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    Kansas Wants to Unload $10 Million in Unused Computer Equipment

    Well, you can shove them up your ass. One daily to keep the government from fucking you. At least you'd know when and where it's happening.
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    Cliff Bleszinski Teases New Career News: It's "Not Game Related at All"

    Dude shits on his audience, the audience flings it back, he cries and runs away. End of story.
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    The Next AAA Publisher Crash May Already be Here

    It's funny how every time I see this guy's videos linked on reddit, the top comment is something like "Don't give this nazi views. He's a bigot alt-righter and he was banned from MtG for running a harassment campaign."
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    "Unreal Tournament" Isn't Being Actively Developed, Epic Confirms

    I reinstalled the new UT like 6 months ago and noticed the patch notes were super stale, and the subreddit basically dead. Figured as much. Fuck Fortnite. Garbage game in a garbage genre. Very sad about this.