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    New gaming pc which one?

    Hey guy let me give you a tip. Acting like a jerk is not the best way to go about getting your questions answered. Since you think you know everything about PC's I am guessing this is more of a "look at me" thread than an actual question anyways....
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    10 Million Point Challenge

    Universe@home for my 15th 10M
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    Firing the boys back up

    Hey Doozer. I am currently chasing some points goal levels so i am crunching on Universe@home and Milkyway@home. I will be circling back soon to WCG / open pandemics soon here though. If you are looking for other covid research there is also Rosetta@home and Ibercivus@home. Folding@home is...
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    Well things are winding down here now. Just unde 6 hours till the Pent is officially over. We had some big excitement last night and today related to the Sprint where the servers are getting hammered to the point of currently being offline and there was and likely still is a big backlog in...
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    Rise and Fall of the [H] team

    Dang that's twice now i got my project mixed up. Well the good thing with having started it early is that about half your points would have been tied up waiting for validation and wouldn't have been awarded till the D day anyways. I will try harder not to mix important details like this up...
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    haha yeah its starting to blur together i guess
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    Big shout out to all those that helped us secure 5th place today in NumberFields for the Cross Country event. The team we beat out for 5th Planet3D had 75 members crunching vs the 12 people on our team who ran it. I sometimes hear people question if their contribution is worth it when they...
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    Single channel vs dual channel

    Yeah i am running a 4770k still and the thread count isn't very high but it does pretty good due to clock speeds.
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    that is probably lopoetve and you probably mean on Rosetta?
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    Feel Free to PM me if you need some specific details on this.
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    If you are running Rosetta or other projects in your boinc client and want to continue with networking on while crunching the Numberfields tasks without uploading them, then you can block the IP address for NumberFields at the router or firewall after you download the tasks you think you need...
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    Likely not but hard to say. Only 5 hours left on cross country / Amicable numbers. At this point if you have some work saved you should probably set the AN project to "no new tasks" If you want to continue to use those GPU Then you can crunch on NumberFields with only GPU for your card...
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    SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)

    can you imagine the uproar.... I bet we wouldn't have another pent after that
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    Folding Computers: Upgrade Now From 1080Tis to 2080 Supers, or Wait?

    I think waiting is your best bet at this point. There is a good chance that the 3000 series may be just as big a gain for DC / Folding as the 2000 series was. Bonus is that if it is not the 2000 series should be available for more reasonable prices used as long as the gaming performance on the...
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: May 2020

    Obviously feel free to nom people other than on this chart!