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    9700K $199 Micro Center (plus $20 off MB)

    AMD's AM4 socket is more future proof and less motherboard upgrades... I love intel from my Q6600 -> 4790k but the never ending socket changes with intel is not worth it... why should I spend so much for a new socket CPU that will change within 1-2 years on intel?
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    Windows disk management or storage spaces mirroring? REFS (Resilient File System)?

    Because my OS drive is normal AHCI, if I were to choose RAID1 mirroring for my 2x storage drives it I would have to switch my os drive to raid setting. Will that mess up my OS drive?
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    Does microsoft disk management 2 drive mirroring also do integrity check in the background?
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    Windows disk management or storage spaces mirroring? REFS (Resilient File System)?

    I have a desktop that I wanted to implement a 2 drive mirroring, so if 1 drive goes bad I can still get my files from the second then replace the bad drive and have it join back that mirror. Window has two ways to do a 2 drive mirror using disk management using dynamic disks or storage spaces...
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    CDW Outlet Finds

    Any good deals on usb flash drives
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    34" useless after windows scaling?

    If a 1440p 34" UltraWide is scaled up to like 150% to match the easy text readability of a 1080p 27" at default windows scaling at 100%. Would it make also make 2 windows side by side identical to the 1080p 27" due to upacaling? The only reason I want to upgrade to 34" ultrawide 1440p is to...
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    Should I apply better TIM on Sapphire 7950?

    ^^how much of a difference would it make if i apply better GPU thermal paste on the 7950? what results could i expect? 3-5c? or more? would it be worth the hassle?
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    Why review sites benching trash Haswell IGP graphics vs discreet?

    why all the review/bench sites are making comparisons using ONLY the IGP graphics and not discreet GPU like an AMD 7950....really who in the sweet jesus will ever use a shitty ass IGP graphics?? are they completely out of their minds? on top of that comparing the intel IGP vs the AMD IGP is this...
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    Possible bad HD 7950?

    that's a driver issue i had that problem on a friends PC we installed older drivers and the artifacts went away
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    back when it was like 300$ it was good but now at 600$++ for the fw900 i would just get a really good ips
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    Whats the best Overclocking 7950?

    im leaning towards the sapphire since i can adjust the core voltage and memory voltages... i hear msi and gigabyte is locked to you can adjust those?
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    Whats the best Overclocking 7950?

    MSI Twinfrozer with its Afterburner software? Sapphire with its TRIXX software? Or Gigabyte's Windforce better cooling? but limited software?
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    [H] users 7950 Overclock Results

    What brand of the 7950 is the best for OC'ing? MSI Shappire or Gigabyte?
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    Extreme Cooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    pics are too small needs to be bigger brah
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    remember to delete hidden recycle bin before selling drives...

    to my surprise formatting your drive will not erase the hidden "$RECYCLE.BIN" folder on your hard drives....because it is password protected for each user... its not just on your OS drive but any or what ever you can basically format your on options on...