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    iPhone X and more recent iPhones with the use of screen protectors

    If you have applecare+, I wouldn't worry too much about screen protector. You have two incidents of available coverage. If you have no handset insurance whatsoever, a few bucks for a tempered glass screen protector and a few bucks more on a case sound like a good investment.
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    Deleted pictures from iPhone 11 coming back, why?

    If she's syncing her iPhone to her mac, it might be restoring the deleted photos.
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    Is a Mac Pro (2013) worth it these days?

    If the price is right, I'd do it. Just have to keep in mind that if something breaks and requires a repair you'll have to do it yourself or go to a 3rd party repair center since apple will consider anything older than 6 years as obsolete and no longer has replacement parts available.
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    iPhone upgrading questions (Sprint/T-Mobile)

    If you have a current backup of your device (either through iTunes or on icloud), you should be able to restore the content onto your new device. Make sure icloud is enabled and create another backup right before you make the switch to a new phone. Also, make sure you know your icloud account...
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    Motherboard power LED goes on but quickly goes off, with a “tumble” sound, and this goes on in cycles, while nothing else happens

    Have you tried different RAM. If I recall, many laptops fail to boot with bad RAM and will give a blinking light error code.
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    How do you know that a chair will work for you?

    Being 300 pounds, I can't trust any reviews I see online. I'm willing to bet most of the reviews are are not from fat people like me. I recently spent a couple days researching heavy duty chairs on amazon specifically for this reason. Local stores have some available, but want $200 or more. I'm...
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    Creality CR 6 SE

    Heard there is some quality issues and people are reporting they are starting fires. If you get yours soon, I suggest you don't do any overnight prints and keep an eye on it every so often until Creality fixes the issue. Here's more info: Click Me
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    Burnt harddrive pcb replacement

    I'd check the hddguru forums. They specialize in this sort of stuff.
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    Firefox on Android gets Major Update...

    Don't like the update. Seems like they didn't think things through on certain features. Switched back to chrome for the time being. I'll try again if they tweak a few things.
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    Question regarding a clean install of Windows 10

    In most cases Windows will install the latest drivers. I usually let Windows do it's thing and if it's missing a driver, then I'd use the manufacturer's website.
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    Atari Has a New Console In Development

    Priced too high. I'm not paying that much just for the nostalgia factor.
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    In the past did Microsoft/Gamestop take preoeders for Xbox?

    I wouldn't trust Gamestop with pre orders anymore. The company is failing and you never know when your local gamestop will shut down. Maybe they can still mail your order if local B&M shuts down, but I wouldn't take that chance.