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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Thanks for this contest!!!
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    Google Wave invites

    mbrewthx @
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    Linux firewall

    To act as a proper firewall for the network you will have it placed between your switch/router and Internet connection. Using it as a "node" is questionable at best. You should use a dedicated distro like Smoothwall . There is documentation there that can help you with the setup.
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    Free Sharps Container (Biohazard Sign)

    I need this, use needles for two of my meds.
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    Free Alpha Geek T-shirt

    Got mine, Love the large, of course I'm 6' 6" so I love shirt giveaways cause they mostly have large.
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    Free Gun Care Info and Target from Birchwood

    Thanks! Been thinking about pulling out the guns now that summer is finally starting to show up in Oregon.
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    Windows Feedback Program - Free Vista/Office 2007 - UPDATE!!!

    Got my notification!!! Going to use Vista for a HTPC for the living room:D
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    What Linux can do to take over the world

    What do you want linux to take over? I like having choice. I use Mac, Windows, and Linux. I agree that Linux needs more games but a Linux based console is not the answer. Modern development tools are aiding in the creation of cross platform apps. I use Blender( An open source, free 3d...