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    HP Reverb G2

    Same in English. :)
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    Fresnel Lenses Alternatives?

    Unfortunately glare/godrays is one of the known downsides of Index. So far I think only Oculus has managed to eliminate most of it, though I am looking forward to the HP Reverb G2. In a QA they did with MRTV they promised to reduce the glare. We will see soon enough they were successful or not.
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    HP Reverb G2

    First through the lense video of Reverb G2. MRTV receiver a review unit and full review will probably follow in next few weeks. Man it looks shaaaarp! :cool: *Edit* Correction, pre-production unit. But I doubt the production version is going to differ much as far as device features go.
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    John Carmack Had Minecraft VR Running On Oculus Quest

    Minecraft is quite cool in VR. Too bad my creative skills are 0 so I usually just play it like a survival horror game.
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    AIO Cooling underperforming

    Also it is better to have AIO on the intake if possible. GPU's run hot and make the air inside the case really warm during gaming and that has a very negative effect on CPU temperatures. Other way around CPU has much smaller effect on the GPU temperatures.
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    HP Reverb G2

    IIRC HP promised to improve the contrast ratio on G2, but I am not holding my breath for that one. In desktop monitors even the best IPS has very poor contrast and black depth unless you are in a brightly lit room that hides it. But in VR you are technically always in the dark.
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    Razer Brings THX Spatial Audio to Every PC Gamer on the Planet

    Set up HeSuVi and you can compare them yourself. My personal facourite is OpenAL's implementation because it messes up with sound quality the least but it still provides clear directional cues around your head. With the 7.1 test I can tell which "virtual speakers" are in front and what are behind.
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    Razer Brings THX Spatial Audio to Every PC Gamer on the Planet

    Anyone interested in headphone surround virtualisation should look into HeSuVi. It is free and when properly it allows you to spoof a 7.1 source for games and pass it through lag free via Kernel Streaming into your actual soundcard with a surround virtualiser or HRTF model of your choice which...
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    Razer Brings THX Spatial Audio to Every PC Gamer on the Planet

    As far as gaming goes no matter how good separation your headphones have, unless there is some surround virtualisation to mimic binaural audio recordings then you cannot really hear the direction where the sound is coming from beyond left and right. But yes, most surround simulation is garbage...
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    Ryzen 3900X (or 3950X) on X370.

    90c is hot but not overly so for a VRM. What ram do you have and what die it is (check with Typhoon Burner)? There are some dies that simply do not clock and your only hope is to tighten the timings as much as you can.
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    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    I also add that not every headphone is closed design, in fact many audiophile grade headphones are fully open and they do not isolate outside noise at all. Any kind of noise is distracting on them.
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    GPU for VR (Index)

    I can understand the principle. The GPU prices have been disgusting this generation. But if you want to hit the 144hz or even the 120hz you need some serious GPU horsepower if you still want to keep the graphics details up high. 5700XT is relatively affordable (no Nvidia tax) and quite strong...
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    EA, Motive and Lucasfilm Announce Star Wars: Squadrons

    I have my doubts because EA, but I am always up for another X-Wing (and Tie Fighter) style game. And VR is icing on the cake.
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    Upgraded to Samsung B-die, still getting horrible RAM speeds

    Same thing with my Asrock B450 Fatality ITX. For the life of me I could not understand why it would not work with my 3600 Samsung B-Die, a kit that worked out of the box with my Asus B350 Strix without any trouble even though B350 should be inferior with memory compatibility. Ram voltage...
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    Ryzen 3900X (or 3950X) on X370.

    Might as well test it out now. Launch a Prime95 and see what the VRM temps are like on your current rig with a fan in both positions. In theory it should improve VRM temps because it should guarantee that there is airflow around the heatsink, but you never know.