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    Google Wave invites

    Would absolutely love one, I'm in web development if it matters. mattjbak at gmail dot com Thanks!
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    HP dv2000 - Downgraded Vista->SP2 No sound.

    XP SP2 that is. I've installed the kb888111 fix, tried installing drivers, etc... I haven't been able to get the computer to recognize the audio device. Any ideas??
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    The Axe Rack - My senior level production class project

    Just wanted to show off what I've been working on in a team this year at school. It's a guitar stand that is focused on Guitar Hero, but fits most electric guitars as well. We had to design/manufacture fifty of these within strict specifications. They're routed from acrylic and airbrushed...
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    Mythos the Beta (Diablo Fans)

    I'd really like an invite if anyone has one: mattjbak at gmail dot com Thanks!
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    Oblivion really is great looking...

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    Computer locks up during video playback.

    My computer acts sluggish most of the time, but remains stable until I try to play any format of movie file. 90% of the time or so my computer will then lockup after opening any movie file. It does the same thing overclocked or stock. Specs: evga 680i A1 motherboard 4-4-4-12 Crucial 2GB...
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    Show of hands who still plays Diablo 2 + LoD?

    Anyone have ladder USWests accounts they're sick of using? I was addicted to this game since release and quit last year. Nothing can describe the enjoyment of getting a quick full rush and then running around the cow level for a couple of days to 99. As someone mentioned, the trading was...
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    Hellgate: London - alpha invites under way!

    mattjbak at gmail dot com From someone who wasted about 6 years on diablo 2, I can say I really want to start wasting more time on something from the same people :D
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    Display poll 4:3 Standard vs 16:9 widescreen

    Yes I realize this, but with the years passing by, I've gotten so used to 640x480 for css that I'm worthless without it, the whole feel is different, if you played a lot you'd know what I meant.
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    Display poll 4:3 Standard vs 16:9 widescreen

    For CS:S I much much prefer 4:3, but RTS games I like widescreen.
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    Running a 4:3 game in a 16:10 LCD screen

    1) To do so 2) To not do so
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