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    Pixel 4A 5G $200 rebate through Visible

    Sign up with Visible, buy the 4A or 4A 5G from them and get $150 or $200 back after 2 months of service. You get a Fire Stick right away for joining their service as well.. This is $40/ unlimited or as low as $25/ month unlimited with party pay...
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    I have a similar setup except it sits ontop of a late 90's Compaq Deskpro ( retro in itself ) because I have an X1541 adapter to write games/ software to disk with the 1541.. The Compaq has the serial port I need
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    Is it worth flipping the switch back on?

    When BTC hit 20k in the last rush I jumped in with Nicehash and made a couple hundred or so. I had a GTX 1060, a W3680 both in my gaming rig and a dedicated cheapo mining rig with 2 R7 280x IIRC. I got about $5-6/ day until the price crashed, and the R7 280X were hard to keep running right Now...
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    I miss CompUSA. Never even seen a Microcenter or Frys.. Computer shows are the retro thing that I really miss.. I still have a package of 1.44mb floppy's that I bought at probably the last show I ever went to. They are dated 2002 which is about right
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    LiteOn Slim DVD-RW Open Box $7.05 shipped

    I found a use for the one I bought, actually in my main PC.... The original DVD RW that I have went bad and won't read discs, but it's not a big enough issue to make me want to bother swapping it out with another, even though I have about 1/2 dozen... However my computer could use another SSD...
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    If I build computers to resell, where do we buy windows 10 pro?

    Win 10 does not require activation to function or install. Some features are blocked is all.. Just have customers provide their own key or charge the retail price of Win 10 and buy a key from MS. A key can be added or changed basically at any time
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    Retro PC Parts... Worth it? And How?

    Retro requires a disc installation.. X32 is what I would use. I ran a similar computer as an XP gamer up until 1yr ago except I had a GT730 1gb.. It was an OG Doom 3 box basically, but ran pretty much all my boxed copy early 2000's stuff... Mine was built on a Dell Optiplex 755 mini tower
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    NVIDIA quietly introduces the GeForce GT 1010 — A Pascal GP108 GPU with 256 CUDA cores, 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, and 55 W TDP

    I get the market. This replaces the aging GT710 which still has uses.. Really though, a GT1610 would have made more sense. Something with just a little more go juice than a 1030, or even make a 1630. With graphics cards the way they are right now, there is a market. I still use an OTA antennae.
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    When I was ~10, my dad and I burned a dozen or so 386 motherboards which were NIB in the back yard. I forget how he got them, probably from one of the computer shows. I wanted to keep one but he told me they were worthless. This was 1997 or so and he had just built me a K6-2 box.. We took a...
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    AMD-K6-2 PROCESSOR 400MHz.

    Yeah I know, I meant the box/ computer I had never had a graphics card
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    I gifted my brother my W3690, 12gb of ram and my GTX 1060 6gb for christmas.. I offered to install the parts but he said he could do it.. He complained about CPU temps. I realised he used about 1/2 of a tube of AS5 and never cleaned the cooler off.. I checked the temps and they are actually...
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    AMD-K6-2 PROCESSOR 400MHz.

    I had a K6-2 box that my dad built for me in ~1997. I knew how to card swap and stuff but never built a computer until 2004... That K6-2 never had a good graphics card so I was dissapointed that Driver would not play
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    Good Cooler for Ryzen 2600?

    Hyper 212 is kind of the gold standard cheap cooler. Everyone knows about it and it's been released for what must be a decade.. One thing to note is some of the others still do not include an AM4 bracket... TYC was a fan of the cheap Snowman coolers and I think they give the hyper 212 a run for...
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    Good Cooler for Ryzen 2600?

    Hyper 212 EVO. If you want RGB, the OEM Wraith Prism is a nice piece
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    GPU Shortages Will Worsen Thanks to Coin Miners

    My 1070 is still handling Cyberpunk on high preset at respectable frame rates at 1080P. No RTX but game looks good anyway I bought my 1070 for under the going rate when I got it, as it was under $200, bought from a miner who ran it 2 months. Now it's probably worth more than I paid after owning...