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    NewEgg: Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti for $669.99

    What irks me about the 770 is that it's a rebadged 680 rather than a cut-down 780. It doesn't matter when you look at the performance gap, but to the enthusiast in me, it just feels off. I want the best architecture. Bought two of these.
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    Upgrade for 3D

    Just beware. 3DVison is dead technology. Nvidia doesn't support it for shit. It's quite the joke. For most games, it doesn't work. For a few, it works only if you can apply a mod made by this one guy on the internet, 'Helix'. A couple years ago it was a somewhat different story, but Nvidia...
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    Free 50" 1080p TV with gaming laptop MSI GS70

    Laptop price is the same now as it was a week ago, so it's not an artificial deal. Price looks perfectly reasonable to me at any rate. 1080P + 765m GPU + lightest 17" gaming laptop + SSD + HD
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    Free 50" 1080p TV with gaming laptop MSI GS70 Pretty sure "buy this good gaming laptop and get this gigantic TV for free" is a hot deal.
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    Affinity 39" LED HDTV 1080P (TigerDirect)

    Beware because there's some kind of issue where the price once you order shows up as $259. Currently arguing with a customer rep over chat who seems to not understand that 309-80 does not equal 259...
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    The North Pole Is Now a Lake

    Denial is not a good policy.
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    You should have the option to play any game in a single-monitor resolution even with Surround enabled - no? Just choose the resolution of a single monitor and make sure your primary monitor is the one in the center. As far as the stretched out desktop goes, maybe someone with more recent...
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    Gtx680 SLI performace disappointing. Is this normal?

    If you want to see exactly what happens, run your games and take in the experience. It's really that simple. 3D Mark and all that nonsense stopped being relevant five years ago for anything but benchmark comparisons.
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    New Crysis 3 Trailer

    They're not dumb enough to resort to MSAA on all the damn vegetation. Even in Crysis and Warhead I think there were specific AA options for vegetation in the INI file. They'll just use some kind of post-processing or alpha blending.
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    NRA Blames Video Games For Violence

    Advocates of unrestrained access to guns are waxing philosophical and posing puerile questions masquerading as deep ruminations on human nature. "Well you see, human beings can be very bad and very clever, so there is really no stopping violent-minded evil people. Therefore, let's do nothing!"...
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    Klipsch Image X10's are on sale again at Amazon

    There were really people who paid $350 for these in-ear fragile headphones when they first came out. Wow.
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    Far Cry 3 Performance on Nvidia cards

    Uh, yeah, that's the SLI bit I already suggested using. :) And yes, as I further noted, it works! Also, there's no need to try to force AA - you just choose it in-game - so long as you are loading up the DX11 executable. On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my third GTX...
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    Far Cry 3 Performance on Nvidia cards

    Let's avoid petty arguments and stick to helpful information so we can all enjoy the game at its smoothest. Here are the issues I've identified: 1. MSAA is broken using the regular executable and the latest betas. You need to load the DX11 exe to get MSAA. Presumably this also means that...
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    RARE Cooler Master ATC-110 Case ends July 3, 2012 bid or Buy It Now

    Because for they founded (or is it joined?) Silverstone and realized they could charge twice the price, apparently. The Silverstone case that accommodates a 4 x 120 has a somewhat similar aesthetic - Temjin TJ09 or some such. Lacks the classy door, though. Those just ended up falling out of...
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    GTX 680 dedicated PhysX or SLI?

    Physx? Maybe, just run the game and see if performance is higher with SLI or with one card using Physx. But...'dedicated' Physx? More like dedicated to doing jack shit 99% of the time, since less than 1% of games in existence that you'd ever want to play use hardware Physx.