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    FCC Commissioner Thinks Ultra-Fast Broadband Just a “Novelty”

    I was "discussing" with a republican friend the other day, and I was telling him how a very specific bad thing for consumers that trump has done is put Ajit Pai at the head of the FCC. Now net-neutrality will be reversed. And he's like "that's what you want!" Me: "No because net-neutrality...
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    Do Games Cause Sexism and Violence In The Real World?

    I couldn't even grind through 2 minutes of that. Why does that video exist? It is basically her reading a script but "with attitude". Why? This should've been a written article somewhere, where people could read it for themselves without the "this is stupid" tone and the "this is smart" tone...
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    Why I Watch People Play Videogames On The Internet

    There's nothing wrong with any of this. That is, until you start doing it because you want to escape reality. Then you have a problem, and "escapism" is not going to do anything to improve your situation.
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    Hyperloop One Completes First Test

    Unfortunately I have no hope of any meaningful transportation improvements coming to US infrastructure anytime soon if ever. It's not about the technology. There is lots of great proven technology out there right now that we're not using. It's about the politics, special interests, property...
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    Radiohead Erased Itself From the Internet

    It's not you it's me. As much as I was into punk and grunge in the 90s i just never really felt anything for smashing pumpkins. Just one of those things. I was kind of lukewarm on Sublime also....:whistle: You quoting Rolling Stones here as if their opinion had meaning whatsoever on the music i...
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    This Is What Happens On The Internet In 60 Seconds

    Netflix: 69,444 hours watched. That means there are an average 4.2mil people watching things on netflix at any moment. Seems kinda high. I guess on average it could be correct.
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    Radiohead Erased Itself From the Internet

    "Creep" is the least representative of their style. It is what most of the world knows them for, but most of their fans don't care for it. I agree they're emo, but not grunge. And they are leagues above Smashing Pumpkins. It's music so of course totally subjective. One of my favorite tracks:
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    Forget The Cloud, Fog Computing Is The Next Big Thing

    Those are trivial use cases. Try managing architectures of hundreds of servers, with distributed databases, large data compute clusters, high availablity msg queues, process orchestration, etc, etc, and you'll understand why AWS cloud, and Google cloud, and MS cloud and the rest of them continue...
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    Forget The Cloud, Fog Computing Is The Next Big Thing

    Mhm. Until one of your servers goes down and your devops guy (if you have one), is out on vacation. I can pretty much guarantee you self-managed hardware IS NOT going to make a comeback.
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    Radiohead Erased Itself From the Internet

    All the albums are still on youtube. That's good cause i was just in the mood for some 'In Rainbows'.
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    It Costs $5M To Keep Zuckerberg Safe

    Not really. More like too many nutjobs out there willing to kill someone over trivial matters. "Zuckerberg you're destroying Amerkuh!". I'm always amazed at the types of people out there that routinely get death threats. What the fuck is wrong with society??
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    Game Developers Must Avoid The ‘Wage-Slave’ Attitude

    The "Don't like it? Quit!" statement is not really that simple. Programmer do have the luxury of finding jobs in other industries, but the same is not true of concept artist, modelers, writers, designers, testers, sound engineers etc. Most of those jobs are very very specific to the game...
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    Game Developers Must Avoid The ‘Wage-Slave’ Attitude

    What a terrible condescending opinion piece. So what about when EA forces everyone to work 80h/week to finish a game, and then once done fires everyone and closes the studio? Is that also part of the "suck it up you're privileged" attitude?
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    President Obama Announces More Key Cyber Security Administration Posts

    There's a fundamental problem here that you can't really judge the security of a system through high level "commissions". Sure you can recommend things like "hey this department shouldn't be using Windows XP." and "this database should not be storing plain text Social Security numbers", but true...
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    Linux Will Eventually Be Desktop King

    Another aspect of all this is the total loss of control and privacy you get with most mobile OS and increasingly Windows. With Linux you know what you're getting. It's vetted. It's not trying to hide stuff from you, it wants you to have full ownership. For people that want that, Linux is really...