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    (WTF Amazon?) Would you use these or return them?

    It takes a lot to kill a copper SFP, I wouldn't be the slightest worried.
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    WoW Themed Fractal Design case

    That is a nice old skool mod.
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    Anyone done a full body mannequin case mod?

    Well there is this one made 16 years ago:
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    Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU

    Indeed, the article in the OP is for the model 1-2 years ago. It is quite interesting that the biggest issues building these wafer sized chips wasn't to make the chips themselfs but how to supply power and cooling.
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X Successor

    I have seen some speculation that CES 2021 might be when they are announced.
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    True but if you are going to stuff 16 2.5" drives in a case today they are most likely SSD's and those are 7mm most of the time.
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    TechGuide: Hisense launches Dual Cell TV with the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of LED

    It's still LCD though, it will be interesting to see how much light two vs one layer of LCD crystals can block.
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    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    3.1 was a nice upgrade from 3.0 as the interface got the 3D look applied to all the buttons and window frames. 3.11 was an even bigger upgrade as that was when you really could start doing LAN connectivity out of the box.
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    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    Thinking about it, it was probably a Swedish version of Windows 98SE I found on floppies when I was doing a summer job at an IT company clearing out one of their cupboards. Shame I didn't keep it, it seems to have become quite a collectable now.
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    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    I remember doing a Win95 install using floppy disks once, it was painful shuffling 100+ disks. On my own computers I never used Win95, I did NT and then jumped straight to Win98.
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    The Z Build 2.0

    That is a lot of radiator porn, did you get it all working in the end? I really like the black tubing, it has a nice industrial look.
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    DM-01 HyperCase

    Well even the OP is calling it a case mod and all my scratch built cases were also case mods.
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    DM-01 HyperCase

    This is case modding at its fines. Looking forward to see how this one is turning out.
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Thats ok, they have only existed for 20 years or so. ;) The sexist bay converter on the market right now is this, 16x 2.5" drives in 2x 5.25" bays.
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    Are there any boutiques left?

    That's the one, the good old Lian-Li 20th Anniversary case. I snapped some pics with my phone after doing work on it last night (swapped PSU and installed 3-to-5 bay): The red SATA cables will be swapped out for black round ones at some stage.