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    2 gamers, 1 box?

    Unraid has lots of documentation and support. From their own site, docs, youtubers, forums, and Reddit. If it looked more daunting than KVM & other hypervisors then you’re trying to run a marathon without training. Running a powerful machine that can support two virtual machines plus some...
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    Anyone still use VLC for blu-ray playback?

    I also use powerdvd, and couldn’t get VLC to playback most discs.
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    NVidia RTX A6000 announced

    You say that... but unless they announce an RTX A8000 soon I may need 2 of them.
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    Fallout: New California mod alllllmost ready

    I never need a reason to replay Fallout New Vegas, and I love mods. Win Win I can't wait, and I should probably toss them some beer money.
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    Rumor: 1070ti cannot be overclocked.

    Do they mean that this may be implementing some new form of GPU Boost?
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Nah, a thorough cleaning didn't make it run any better but did help me conclude which capacitor I believe to be the problem. But I was out when I posted my message earlier and happen to have one more question. After getting home and taking some measurements of the capacitor dimensions I...
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    Please, help me locate a part Anyone else of the opinion that this is the capacitor I pictured above?
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Well I will clean up the area surrounding the capacitor when I arrive home. I don't have reason to suspect any animal contamination. I do want to use this as a learning opportunity to become more comfortable with GPU repair.
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Anyone know if the e55m is significant, or would it be safe to order a capacitor for my needs based upon what we know?
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Thanks for your help. I'm back in a town for a while, & really appreciate it. I'll look them up when I can.
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Thanks for the help! Now I get to have fun replacing GPU capacitors for the first time. Figured that with the help from this group I could source what I need and have it delivered before I arrive home.
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Well that is what I am a tiny bit unsure about. The graphics card will boot into windows when used with a hypervisor. Or when used as the second GPU on a machine running Windows natively. However, if it changes out of its lowest power state then either machine will blue screen and crash, or...
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Powercolor R9 390 8Gb
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    Please, help me locate a part

    Thanks for looking. I'm on my vacation right now, in beautiful Alberta, & when I get back home I want to repair a GPU I have. However with all of my travelling and limited connection I've had no luck sourcing a replacement part. I believe I located the issue as a the part pictured below as...
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    780Ti Classified w/ EKWB, DDR3 Ram

    Just a few hours left!