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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    Steve from GN thinks he's the most important person on YouTube. Everybody was lauding him with praise years ago for doing really legit reviews and it went straight to his head so now his videos are all him talking down his nose to people. Naturally he'd make it out like he's the one with the...
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    Upgrading from 3700X - 5700X or 5800X?

    How much video editing and how much gaming? If it's just touching up some YouTube videos but gaming a lot on competitive FPS or graphically demanding games that can benefit from higher framerates a 5700X will be a nice 20% upgrade over his 3700X and the 5800 wouldn't really be worth it IMO. If...
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    Best all-around gaming/music headphones for $150?

    I'm using mainly the Audiotechnica G1's. With a little EQ tweaking they sound awesome for gaming. The Beyerdynamics DT770's are my favorite for music tho but the G1's are still very very good and could be my "all-in-one" set if I had to choose one. Plus the 770's are 80 ohm and my Zen Dac powers...
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    Best all-around gaming/music headphones for $150?

    I have the Audiotechnica G1 and really like them. Very comfortable, very good mic and excellent sound quality however I do think they have too much bass for explosion heavy games like COD. I tinkered with the EQ in windows and cut the bass some and they're about perfect now. They're 45 ohm so...
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    Celebrate: I beat a game at the arcade! SF4.

    The game I played the most was Track & Field. I don't think you could beat it, you just got to the high jump and it kept getting higher until you got knocked out. Still took a while and you could play a long time on just 1 quarter. And then you got to put your name in the high score list but...
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    Audio newb needs some suggestions. Headphone Amp?

    In general I don't trust "a" Youtuber but I do trust when every review I watch raves about a product. Especially when they're from trusted reviewers like Z or Bad Seed who are on record many many many times calling out bad products. And when I own said product and it works as well as the...
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    Nova Launcher Acquired by Branch

    I stopped using Nova a couple years ago after using it for several years. I always use Note phones and this new version of One UI is really pretty good. It's just as fast and smooth as Nova and almost as custimizable with more themes. So when I bought this Note 20 2 years ago I tried Nova again...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    They're nothing magic but I do prefer the lighter weight models. The 502 is like 120 grams IIRC and the Basilisk is right at 100 and I can tell a difference. I kinda do prefer something around 60-70 like my beloved Glorious Model D because while I play at low DPI (650) I swing my wrist around...
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    Audio newb needs some suggestions. Headphone Amp?

    Im using the iFi Zen Dac with my 80 ohm 770's and really liking it. It has the power to push them pretty well but I wouldn't want it for anything over 80 ohms. I have some 60 ohm AudioTechinca cans and they push those extremely well! No mic input though so that could be an issue. They run...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I picked up a Razer Basilisk V3 the other day cause they're on sale at Best Buy for $35 and I'm really liking it. It's shape is a dead ringer for the Logitech G502 but it's quite a bit lighter and the scroll wheel doesn't rattle when you set it back down. This thing is a lot more solid than...
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    5800x $275 at newegg.

    Now that's a steal! Well maybe not a steal, they should've been $199 from launch but that is all the gaming CPU you'll need unless you're on a 3090Ti @ 4K.
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    Soapbox - is it any good?

    The political memes thread makes it worth it. Other than that, I'll pop in on a thread here and there but usually I'm just there for the memes.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I'm a 50 year old gamer (well will be in 3 weeks) and don't ever plan on stopping. Went from an Atari 2600 to a Commodore 64 to a Sega Genesis, PS1, Xbox and now (and forever more) PC. It's my favorite type of therapy. The rest of the world disappears and you can forget about all the crap in...
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    Poll: Do you play with an inverted mouse?

    I started playing video games on a Commodore 64 and I played a lot of flight sun games. F15, Gunship and Spitfire Ace to name a few and it was always push forward to look down, pull back to look up. It just made sense to me. If was was controlling someone's head, if push it forward to make him...
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    I do all the time. In my personal rig I've gone thru 8 CPU's since I got into PC building/gaming in 2009. I've had 3 motherboards in that time. And since AMD is extending support for the 5000 chips to X370 series motherboards like my current X370 Strix, I'll probably move up to a 5600X soon and...