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    Dual msata to 2.5

    I got it, never ended up ordering mSATA devices. Until you bumped the thread, I forgot I even had it!
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    Getting on my internet in college campus?

    With the exception of some of my coworkers, your campus network is the only thing I truly miss about my former employer. Single homed ICN just isn't the same!
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    large storage with software RAID

    The snapshot would give a crash consistent view of things, as if the power cord were yanked from the box with the volume mounted. The desirability of such a thing depends on the running apps. Why would iSCSI be limited to Windows boot? It could be used for storing VMs for vSphere or Hyper-V...
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    large storage with software RAID

    Why not? You still get all the checksuming, caching, and RAIDZ advantages with ZFS LUNs that you do with ZFS files. Compression and dedupe work just as well. So do snapshots.
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    large storage with software RAID

    Why not consider ZFS on Linux or old school reliable MDADM raid with the SCST iSCSI target? Alternatively, you could use KVM and map a LUN directly into a 2012 VM.
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    I would imagine it supports registered ECC. Intel's ARK page say nothing either way, though.
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    Adaptec 71605Q question

    Bueno. Thanks!
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    Adaptec 71605Q question

    If I have a pair of cache drives in RAID 1, can that pair service multiple arrays and LUNs obviously connected to the same card?
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    2012 Essentials rant

    Stuff that costs a pretty penny isn't good for small business. They don't want to pay monthly fees running into the hundreds for cloud services and then have to depend on India for support. Having things local with a relatively automated backup that can be taken offsite is much preferable.
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    2tb WD 2.5" drives in RAID6/RAIDZ2

    Has anyone used multiple WD20NPVX/T's in RAID6 or RAIDZ2? How has the reliability been?
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    Seagate 4TB NAS HDD

    FWIW, I have had excellent luck with my collection of Seagate 2tb and 4tb drives in HP and SuperMicro rack enclosures in 8 and 12 configs. Also, their 1tb 2.5" drives in ProLiant DL360G6s have been good for me. I have had maybe 2 failures in 24/7 use over the past 2 or 3 years. None were "RAID"...
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    Dual msata to 2.5 (mSATA) (2.5") Roughly $25 difference. It really depends what you want to do with your storage.
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    Dual msata to 2.5

    I ordered on of these direct from the manufacturer. We'll see how it goes. I like the idea of RAID 1 in a 2.5" form factor.
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    HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array (MSA60)

    I bought a HP H221 HBA, part number 650931-B21.