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    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    I love playing retro games on handhelds so this thing is a must have. The fact it can also serve me as a back-up PC is huge bonus, and oh, it will also be great for the hundreds of Steam games I have accumulated over the years and never play.
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    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    Had a Lian Li PC-7 Plus back in the day. Big, black and aluminum. Had a few Fractals over the years which I think came very close, but it getting the Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL is what really hearken me back back to original Lian- Li I had many years ago. It feels and looks just as premium.
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    CYBERPUNK 2077 US$43.99 / $41.79 with code

    Not sure you can still do it but if you use a VPN you can get it off the GOG store for as low as $27. Just use the Hola Unblocker extension on Chrome.
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    Cyberpunk 2077's Minimum & Recommended Specs Revealed

    Wow, I pretty much was only upgrading to 3080 as figured Cyberpunk would bring my PC to its knees, but by the looks of things I will be more than ready even without a 3080. That's $800 I should probably put towards my OLED and one of the consoles.
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    Intel Brand Tie-ins: New Avengers Packaging

    I bet those boxes alone will sell for close to $30 on Ebay. There are some hardcore Marvel collectors.
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    WD software not detecting new WD external, though Win10 does.

    So I contacted WD and the chat persons tells me this how these drives are suppose to be. The software is not suppose to recognize them except for DataLifeGuard. Does that seem right? It's also meant for console games so I guess that might true. It's this drive...
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    WD software not detecting new WD external, though Win10 does.

    It was sealed in plastic shell so I'm pretty sure it is genuine. Either way the serial number does check out and it is under warranty for a few years.
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    WD software not detecting new WD external, though Win10 does.

    Have strange problem where the WD software does not reconize my new WD P10 external. Windows sees it fine and I can use it normally but WDs own software does not recognize it in any way like it does my other WD drives. Googled and just cannot find a fix for this. Any help?
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    Alienware aw3418dw $649 free shipping bf deal newegg

    Mine shipped. Cant wait. Never thought I would go widescreen or be in a position where I have to get rid of my Predator but cant beat paying $500 for this thing.
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    Alienware aw3418dw $649 free shipping bf deal newegg

    If you use AMEX check your card offers. There might be $120 credit if you spend over $600 at Dell. Plus there is 10% cashback at one site which can bring this down to less than $500 out of pocket in the end.
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    HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, VA panel

    You can probably do way better these days. Are you looking for the same size or you can do with a 27 inch?
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    What mobo would you choose.

    Was thinking of doing an AMD build a few days ago and kept coming back to the ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero if I went with a top tier mobo. Don't see how you can go wrong if cost is not an issue.
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    MSI MSI Gaming X99A GODlike Gaming LGA 2011-v3 - $149.99 A/R @

    Wow! This thing use to be $500.
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    Why does Windows 10 keep waking up my external hard drives?

    For the past month or so my external hard drives have been waking up a lot more frequently. Every few minutes in fact. I made no changes to my system so I suspect it was an update. I's to a point I have to unplug them. What can be causing them to wake up? Anyone else experiencing more frequent...