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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Ruining the time old gaming culture. Eventually people are going to get to a point of why buying video games when the developer can just life time ban you. There shouldn't be intervention like that. It isn't their job and being mean never ruined any game, just look at Counter-Strike. We live...
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    The Long Wait for The Man In The High Castle Season 3 is Coming to an End

    Have to say I wasn't expecting it to go inter-dimensional. Until the trailer came up I thought it was going to be a gigantic extended film troll where at the end they all woke up and realized it was a dream.
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    Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Goods from Its Store

    In the totalitarian liberal utopia NO FUN will be allowed.
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    “Daily Stormer” Termination Haunts Cloudflare in Online Piracy Case

    People stood against censorship and overstepping even when the feds tried to pull the pedo card because people knew they were taking something grotesque and trying to warp it into something much bigger. To have fallen for something so stupid is beyond comprehension when you think about it. I...
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    This Is Project Neon, The Upgrade For Windows 10’s Design

    Call me a sucker, but I always loved the Aero facelift. It sucked with Vista because machines were underpowered and it was often quirky after release, but it was fine tuned and the hardware caught up when 7 came out. Besides the Start Button/Menu, the only thing that ever bothered me since 7...
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    Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

    Don't forget back when Comcast did the original bandwidth cap (250GB) ~2009-2010 that lasted only a couple years, they were claiming the average usage was 5GB. The averages spiked to 34GB by 2012 and are now around ~56GB in 2014 and it's climbing quickly. Now that internet speeds are at a...
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    Buy A GeForce Get Gears of War 4 Free

    Well that sealed the deal for me. Just made use of those $240 EVGA bucks after hesitating for months. Was almost worried it would be the first game I'd miss since I didn't go console this time around and I doubted prices would come down on the PC. Awesome deal.
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    The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

    It's been pretty clear for awhile that the government will just do what it wants, but it's been equally clear nobody will actually stop it until they're broke and hungry on the streets so it's only a matter of holding it off until it gets to that point.
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    Do You Pronounce it GIF or JIF?

    It'll always be "gif" til the day I die. Jif just sounds incredibly lame.
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    Microsoft Banning Crappy Passwords

    Maybe Microsoft can also remove the stupid 16 character password limit that most banks still use. That isn't helping one bit since most people don't use random password generators.
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    NAEP Tests: Girls Outscore Boys In IT Literacy

    Doesn't even include our education system being heavily skewed towards girls for the past 20 years. It would be common sense that they should be above boys all around even if you didn't take into account boys development stages being later in life. It's a well established fact at this point...
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    Why did video cards stop having extra ram?

    They still do, it just isn't that big of a deal anymore. You're not seeing huge enough gains to justify spending another $100, even in the cases where it's only $50 more expensive. It's simply a bragging right for the most part since beyond 1080p is still extremely niche.
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    780ti with an AMD processor happened?!

    Shits so hood it's good.
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    Google's Creepy Plan To Kill The Password

    Man, I really don't understand why silicon valley is flipping out over trying to reinvent password management. Just the other year I finally moved to one (PassPack) and I'm kicking myself for not moving to one a decade ago. It's not nearly as burdensome as it used to be way back in the day and...
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    Banishing 'Get Windows 10' Nagware Isn't As Easy As You Think

    Windows 10 isn't even all that bad, but the simply fact they're pulling out all stops to get people to upgrade, including these shady nagware tricks, makes them look sinister. More than anything it's just frustrating. I've already almost upgraded accidentally a couple times now.and my father...