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    Man Streams 115 MPH Ride On Facebook, Crashes Into Garbage Truck

    Not SI. Its an R18. SI's have a red dashboard.
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    Good New 3DSxl games?
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    Favorite Video Game Music

    The first track is so beautiful, amazing output from returning artists. The classic original. BASS (I could loop the first 4 tracks forever, amazing) BA-BASS (I bought my PS4 for this, Epic theme and BASS)
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    Nintendo NX will crush XB1 and mame PS4

    I thought something note worthy was revealed, but OP didn't even post a link to an article or anything. Back to ignoring NOA... Having to wait this long for the Normal-Human-Sized New 3DS without a shitty pack-in, just put a bad taste in my mouth. Don't even care to get one anymore. At this...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Lorien, are you posting every patch because you are not in the PTU? It's very obvious they are doing this daily, especially if you are in the PTU as it kicks you off the server when a new one is pushed
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    Project Cars?

    About time. That Corvette billboard on Road America doesn't look so out of place anymore.
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    Dark Souls 3

    It's HEIDES
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    slow performance windows message

    Happens in Win 7 too. Supposedly you go into the Action Center> Change Action Center settings> Disable Maintenance messages for Windows Troubleshooting. At least that is what I have found scouring the internet. And it doesn't work at all. The stupid messages will continue to come back after a...
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    The flying Hydra is worth seeing. Especially if you can sucker the Clam monsters into his magic shots, as he flies over you. Fun
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    What DS4 to PC is your go to program?

    SCPServer. You can find the various original versions at the link below. The project was forked a long time ago. I'm still on version 1.2.1 RC3, which is perfect. The other ones always broke something... Never went to ds4windows, because it crashes on load... DS4 To XInput Wrapper
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    Disney Asking Employees To Help Fund Copyright Lobbying

    It's the buckets to 11 guy. Don't try, it will never make sense.
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    Dark Souls 3

    Bad mouth textures all you want, but this generation of Souls are the most detailed games I have ever seen. Bloodborne is insanely detailed. Every inch of each level, to an extreme. POM and tessellation is everywhere. It's very consistent.
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    It was to me. That was the only way I played TP, on release when I got Wii in 2006. This is obviously the GC version port... Oh well, something to think about...
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    Sennheiser U 320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset is $65 @Amazon.

    Pretty ridiculous discount. Even if there is something wrong, I think I'll get $65 bux worth out of it. Bought one.