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    LG is developing OLED panels for Gaming Monitors

    That's pretty cool, I wonder if they plan to offer smaller sizes, 45" seems too big for desk use.
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    Meet "Ameca" The worlds most advanced Human shaped Robot

    Pretty amazing tech, but how long till they become self-aware and decide they wanna murder us?
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    Hackers Hold Man's Penis For Ransom In Digital Chastity Belt, Demand Bitcoin To Unlock

    I love the part where he said that he used an e-mail with his actual name twice and the news outlets still went ahead and published it. Goes to show that most of the bullshit published in these sites had no research done at all, and some people think it's true, crazy.
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    Bad Day for Facebook: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger all Down amid Whistleblower News

    I saw a mention somewhere that this happened before Facebook went down. Was there confirmation that the outage was due to hackers?
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    I really enjoyed Titan Quest, though I remember stopping it midway, I think it was due to a bug. Will have a look at Steam tonight to put it in my library if it´s free, thanks for the heads up. True, it will probably be fine. Though I'm sure people will find something to complain about, seeing...
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Would love to play this but still haven't managed to build a new PC, other priorities right now. Hopefully the experience is good for those playing right now, from what I read Warcraft 3 Reforged was a huge mess during launch.
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    AI generator turns Street Fighter characters into }real life" characters

    Kinda creepy to be honest, still needs a lot of work. Weird that instead of keeping the eyepatch, they gave Sagat glasses, haha.
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    If it´s the first season, it´s not all that bizarre just yet, it´s mostly an introduction to Joestar and his rival. Now from the second season on, it really gets weird and that´s why I love it, you can never guess what comes next.
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    Did you miss the quotes I placed on the words social critique? I guess I should have used apostrophes, but english is not my main language. Some reading material for your delight
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    Nah, I´d rather stick with the anime than waste my time on some poor adaptation filled with "social critique".
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    Let´s hope they come out with good stuff, more players in the market is a good thing. At least we know that Intel is big enough to be able to compete, I can´t see any other hardware company having the structure to go against a giant like NVidia.
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    New Samsung Odyssey G9 with MiniLED announced

    Looks pretty good given the reviews, just wish there was a smaller option, it looks too wide. A 34" option would probably be the sweet spot.
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    3dfx Making a Comeback?

    Neat, a PCI card, now we can play Duke Nukem 3D on a 240Hz display, haha
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    3dfx Making a Comeback?

    Really nice, used to have one of these drives, with the remote control gimmick and all, good times.
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    Malaysian authorities crush 1,069 crypto mining rigs with a steamroller

    The guy steamrolling must have had great fun, imagine being paid to steamroll things all day haha