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    Unsure what he's asking for..

    I don't know anything about that JD Edwards AS/400, but for an inventory system, he can probably just nabb an opensource library system, like Evergreen or something.
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    Anyone gone to Ubuntu 11.04 yet?

    My desktop didn't like 11.04 much, due to ATI drivers not being ready. My Tablet PC did fine with 11.04. My desktop is now happily using Debian testing. My Tablet didn't like Debian due to it's poor wacom drivers. Ubuntu puts a lot of effort into getting good drivers working, but the 6 month...
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    Linux for parents

    If you go with Mint, consider the Debian Mint version. It gets a system out of Ubuntu's 6 month cycle.
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    Linux quad monitors

    It can, but you may have to deviate from the gui tools, due to the two different cards.
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    Excel question

    Assuming all the worksheets are saved in the same workbook file, you can create links between them quickly with simple mouse action. You probably already know what happens when you click other cells when setting up a cell's equation, so referencing the other sheets is as simple as doing that...
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    Thanks for the input, but I've already done the thing where I have tons of separate drives, and this is designed to replace that arrangement. I will no longer have to worry about filling one drive and moving it's contents to another drive, or having another power supply go bad on another...
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    Controlling my swap space?

    What on earth are you doing that eats that much RAM? Is this a home machine? I guess you could delay your disk swap a little bit by enabling compcache. I've used it on some laptops to stretch memory a little, without a problem. I have no idea if it's reliable enough for a server situation, but...
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    Controlling my swap space?

    How much RAM do you have? How much swap partition/file do you have?
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    Very basic question on designing a front page

    Essentially. The closer their defaults are to your intended use, the less work is there for you, so shop around. They will all have specific server requirements, such as database and server side scripting and stuff.
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    Very basic question on designing a front page

    Most of the modern things you listed are variations of content management systems. Instead of writing each page by hand, they let you style the whole site in a single act, and do page updates by just entering plain text in a simple form, or by clicking buttons. They are good for if a developer...
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    The big drives are 2TB each and the little drives are 500GB each. There are 4 of the 2TB drives and 2 of the 500GB drives (My diagram shows the wrong number, but I didn't feel like updating it). After the 2TB parity donation I figure it will end up with around 7TB of usable space for my stuff...
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    Anyone know of an open source HTML image map creator?

    Why not just use a text editor?
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    mac vs pc which is better for photo editing?

    I'm completely happy using Linux. Gimp, Inkscape, and Hugin do pretty much everything I care about doing.
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    registry cleaner whats a good one wxp 32bit

    I vote for ccleaner.