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    1. NeoDiNardo
      Edit a mod took care of it nevermind.
    2. Kyle_Bennett
      Yep, same move I made a while back.
    3. EuphoricRage470
      Hey, totally just made the move from 980X to 2600K. It's a smart choice.
    4. Kyle_Bennett
      I signatures are done in text only.
    5. dar124
      Hey Kyle, I had a quick question that hopefully you can answer for me or direct me to the info here on the forum. I'm fairly new to the [Hard}forum and finally got a signature together with my computer info, etc. to add to my profile. But when I went to post the signature, it shows up in bigger white letters. I'd like it to be smaller grey letters (like the other signatures I'm seeing on the forum) but I dont see any formatting options on the "edit signature" page. I even tried pasting the signature text into Word, formatting it and copy & pasting it back into the signature page, but still no luck.

      I've done a few searches thru the forum and found some info about what can be put in a signature, but nothing about how to format it. Thanks in advance.
    6. nathanwf
    7. Eshelmen
      Kyle can you please delete this title you have for me. Its been 2 years now man.
    8. GoodDoc
    9. Mystic-Micro
    10. Stoly
      NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Overclocking Review @

    11. SixFootDuo
      I posted a hot deal this morning, Dell Home, GTX 680 in stock etc in the Hot Deals section. In the message body I accidentally asked people to please "not" use the hardocp buy links instead of using them. I was dead tired, honest mistake. I see the thread is gone. I wanted to apologize. Of course that was not what I was trying to say. In fact, I got a PM from someone asking me why not to use the preferred buy link and it was only then when I put 2 + 2 together. I will try and be more careful in the future.
    12. ShamisOMally
      When the customer sells it back to the retailer, that transfers ownership of it back to the retailer, because by law its the customers right to sell something HE BOUGHT to somebody else. That retailer then goes to sell the used product to another person etc etc

      Game developers have nothing to cry about with used game sales. They don't deserve a cut of the profits on used game sales, because they very fundamental law of transfer of ownership has already taken place between the game developer and the retail chain far, far back

      Corporate greed is going too far, Arkham City did it, but they pussy footed around the issue, saying it "Was in the consumers best interest" and other tripe like that, but Kingdom's devs have openly admitted that its corporate greed that made them lock out 30% of the game to used game purchases, and the fact they think they "Deserve" used game sales profits makes me sick to my stomach
    13. ShamisOMally
      Perhaps you should do an article on Kingdoms of Amalur

      The DRM for this game is incredible. It requires either Steam or Origin at all times

      Also, unless you buy it new, you lose 30% of the game's content if you buy it used on consoles, and they even admit that their reason for doing so is outright greed cause they feel they "Deserve" a cut of used game sale profits

      This kind of stuff game developers is pulling is clearly going too far. This reminds me of in the 40's with car companies trying to get used car dealerships shut down because they didn't get a cut of used car sales, yet they fail to understand how goods and services work

      When a game company sells a game to a retailer, that retailer now owns it, he then sells it to a customer, the customer now owns it
    14. boristheblade
    15. Poisoner
      Where did those two Galaxy GTX 580's end up? I could use one to replace this GTX 260. :)
    16. Kyle_Bennett
      Yeah, this is my workbox, so all content creation and/or editing gets done on this box. Bleeding edge OCs are not what this machine is about and since I am not a benchmark monkey, a few hundred MHz don't really make a difference. But this one flies and never BSODs! :)
    17. XacTactX
      Hey Kyle, I was just looking at the 2500K/2600K review thread and I saw you finally built a new rig. Congrats, hope you like it. What really caught my eye was your 2600K and the overclock on it, only 4.5GHz. Most people here would call that oft, but I call it ractical. You would never know the difference between 5 GHz or 4.5 GHz, and it's easier on your ears too (LOL why am I explaining this to you of all people :p).

      Anyway, thanks for the ardware reviews and take care.
    18. fonz
      Great event!
    19. Melon
      First, the bad news:

      We are writing to let you know that there may have been illegal and unauthorized access to some of your customer account information on, including one or more of the following: your name, e-mail address, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, the last four digits of your credit card number (the standard information you find on receipts), and/or your cryptographically scrambled password (but not your actual password).
    20. liujuying
    21. Kyle_Bennett
      Sorry, I do not have the software needed nor the expertise to cover that segment of the market properly.
    22. Spooony
      Hi Kyle Great forums you got there and excellent reviews. I just want to ask you if you can do 1 comparison. This is a topic that has gone all over the professional and amateur workstation world. The Quadro vs Geforce in a workstation shoot out in CAD programs.The Quadro 4000 almost twice as much as the Gtx 580 3Gb version but has half the Vram and half the cores. 580 has double the rendering precision. But out there, there's still the ones that share the belief because its Quadro and more expensive its better. Previous generations nvidia could get away with just adding more Vram to the workstation cards but not anymore. The Cards sport up to 3Gb ram so that limitation has been wiped away. It will truly be appreciated if you can put the 580 3gb version up against any or all the Quadro cards in a CAD. THX and enjoy your day
    23. Kyle_Bennett
    24. mybsetsmyshrts
      Maybe I just missed them, but when or were are the questions to AMD being answered? I've emailed them and never heard back about the Clock Interrupt Error.
    25. Kyle_Bennett
      No, it means, "Post only once in this thread and tell us why you need a Corsair SSD in your rig." Sorry I was not clear the first time.
    26. Xsnac
      btw from the ssd giveaway " Post only once in this thread and tell us why you need a Corsair SSD in your rig.
      " means you could have post anything you have same chance ?
    27. Kyle_Bennett
    28. Creepingdeath1977
    29. Kyle_Bennett
      Sorry, we changed it to 100.
    30. drushtx
      Hi Kyle,

      I am a recent registrant to HF. As I have less than 50 posts, I can't reply to a FS/FT post. Having carefully read the "must read prior to posting FS," I tried to post my first thread and it says I can't post because I don't have 50 posts. Obviously I'm missing something here. Thanks for filling me in when you get a chance.


    31. Kyle_Bennett
      You now have access to Hot Deals, which I guess is what you needed right? :)
    32. Q8ball
      Kyle, I've been an avid follower of this website, despite my post count on the forum.
      I found this great deal @ SuperBiiz from

      Here is the listing from

      Crucial 2.5" 128GB RealSSD Solid State Drive $205 at SuperBiiz

      $35 price drop. SuperBiiz has the Crucial CTFDDAC128MAG-1G1 2.5" 128GB RealSSD SATA3 Solid State Drive for $235 - $30 off with coupon code LION3230 = $205 with free shipping. Features sequential read speed of 355 MB/s and sequential write speed of 140 MB/s.

      I've been scoping out deals as I wait for the new P67 boards to come back for my build. Just bought one of these myself.
    33. IntelEnthusiast
      Hello Kyle,
      My name is Chris and I am with Intel. I am looking to post on the Hardforums. If you have any direct questions you can reach me at

    34. Jathanis
    35. Lorddeth
    36. harbin
      what is happening? At least let me know what.s wrong with my tradings before you baned my posting.
    37. Kyle_Bennett
      Front page of HardOCP a day or two ago.
    38. Lorddeth
    39. Spartan1000

      Just want to say that you have an excellent forum! There's no other tech. forum like it on the Internet and I'm sure that everyone appreciates you trying to fix the recent "exploits" to the forum!

      - Spartan1000
    40. Kyle_Bennett
      It is correct, we are working to fix all of this now.
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