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    FS: Verizon Note 4 - 32GB - Black + Extras

    Fully working Verizon Note 4 32GB Black. Battery was replaced in July. Also comes with 32GB SD Card, case, tempered glass screen protector (already installed), and charger/cable in the original box. The ESN is clean. I'll post pictures shortly. $200 shipped. Thank you
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    Battlefield 2142 is Back

    How are you guys playing? Just stays stuck at connecting to EA master server.
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    The Mini Van Custom Mechanical Keyboard

    Everyone commenting on something they clearly have no experience or understanding of, and also surprising considering hardforum is for enthusiasts. There's more out there and different options than Cooler master key boards, people. The minivan is a kit, you get the PCB, case, choice of keys...
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    I'm not sure the WW1 type of warfare is going to fit well. There's far too many machine guns, rambos, no trenches ( ONE trench in this map), too much vehicle use, planes maneuverability and ability to hit bombs is completely inaccurate, one random horse running around, sniper galore, etc. I know...
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    Why ultrawide when 4K+custom res is possible?

    Why buy a 4k monitor when you have Ultrawide? :p
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    Astronomers Don’t Think That So-Called SETI Signal Is Aliens

    Hey, man. It's not a fail proof way of communicating. Sending off a radio signal semi-randomly in space would have to be done in the most simplistic way to try to guarantee some integrity and strength along the way. Sending a full voice message would never work: it would be a garbled mess by the...
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    Astronomers Don’t Think That So-Called SETI Signal Is Aliens

    If the signal were an actual message, the beginning of the message would be the key followed by the actual contents. Figuring out the key is the hard part, but I assume it would be similar to cracking Morse or something similar in simplicity given the space it has to travel.
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    SOLD - Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard [Cherry MX Brown]

    I will be giving it a good cleaning tomorrow.
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    SOLD - Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard [Cherry MX Brown]

    Selling Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown keys. It's in great condition. All keys and LEDs work. Browns have a decent tactile feel, without the loud clicking you get with blues. I no longer have the box, but will ship it with great care. The plastic peel wrap is still over the...
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    Note 7

    I went to the store to check it out today and was not impressed. It felt quite plastic-y, and the curved sides are so small that they offer no function. I don't see the point. It's fairly gimmicky looking now. In fairness, I did only spend a few minutes with it as I was getting pestered by an...
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    29" LG 29UM58 2560x1080 UltraWide IPS LED Monitor $200 @ Best Buy

    That's why you get a 3440x1440 UW.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Just use OBS. Been using for years along with a crap ton of other people: no malware.