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    Need advise on gaming crashes and HW changes

    I would say the 650.. it should be enough, but if its low amp on the 12v rail.. I have a 5820k Overlclocked with a 1080 overclocked running a custom loop with 6 fans running, some leds, yada yada yada.. I run everything on a EVGA 850GQ.. I think Pendragon is right. Go get a good brand 750w...
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    New Gaming Build Behaving Strangely

    Try one stick of ram at a time. Run a memory benchmark on them. As for the insert boot disk, I had the same thing a few times when I owned a p600.. I reseated that a few times and it went away mostly. I have a different drive now.
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    The life of my PC

    I was going for UV Purple, but the pepto reference has me rolling. I will be changing it soon though.
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    Check for air bubbles in the caught in the pump.. I had this problem when I ran my h100i a couple times after moving my pc. All I had to do was gently tap the water lines and rotate the case little. Easy to detect, one hose will be warmer than the other.
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    The life of my PC

    Well.. I thought I would share the life of my PC.. (wow.. am I bored) So this is my baby when it was born.. I was so proud.. 5820k, Gigabyte X99 board, Asus 970 Turbo.. And then, I got an itch for a custom loop and I scratched that itch. Oh yeah.. I scratched it.. Same motherboard and cpu...
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    FT: x99 mobo, cpu & maybe ram

    That sucks that you cant trade this off.. I also wanted to trade my CPU and Board for a 6600k or 7600k. I Just want to go smaller, I already have a motherboard and case. Just need the cpu. Maybe I should just list mine as FS and buy the cpu outright.
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    Terrible gaming experience with Ryzen 1700

    I read on a couple of youtube video comments, that in large battles even the 1080ti drops to the 50fps range when on ultra. I watched one with a 1600x & Vega 64 at 1440p Ultra. When he was inside the buildings in battles it dropped to the 50s, sometimes high 40's.. When he is outside...
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    So who is counting how many times he says, " It just works " ??
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    need help choosing a mobo for my 2600x

    The MSI board can be found at Microcenters web site and the ship. But for that price you can get some good X470 boards. I am a Gigabyte fan myself, so I went with the X470 Ultra Gaming for my sons rig...
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    why can't I buy an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC?

    They have always had a web store, but they did not always ship..
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    Terrible gaming experience with Ryzen 1700

    My son has been playing his games on a 2600x with 2 480s in crossfire.. 100fps on ultra at 1080p in just about every game he plays... The horror...
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    I bought a 2600x and the Gigabyte Ultimate Gaming x470 for my kiddoe, threw some old DDR4 3200 memory I had laying around, Corsair Vengeance I think.. The ones with the flat gray spreader on it. Anyway, the mobo noticed the XMS right away and went straight to 3200, left everything else alone...
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    Terrible gaming experience with Ryzen 1700

    It really sounds like the OP stares at the FPS counter more than he/she plays the game.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas.. Not Last.. haha..