Replacing soldered-in crystals before there was even a name for
it. NEC V-20 was worth a 15% speed boost if you had an XT.
Peltier cooled 386DX16 to 28MHz! Replacing LS with F logic to
speed up ISA bus to 14MHz. TSENG4000 that would smoke
Landmark Speed Test. Where those days gone???

Still have my father's own design (not a DEC copy) wire wrapped
PDP-8e compatible minicomputer. 20MHz in 1973! He had a full
home air conditioner blowing into the rack from our attic's garage
ladder opening (Sone-age vapor-phase blowhole garage mod).

Working on my own design lookup-table minicomputer as time
permits. Abusing lots of 35nS MRAM as a programmable logic.
Except carry, I don't need real flags. No test for zero or anything
else, cause all flags can be pre-tested at time of table build. My
flags are omitted and replaced with resulting actions, like wether
to branch.

Flags can still be tested for purpose of front panel lights, but the
processor doesn't care and can get on with the next instruction.
Always the same long instruction, two moves, one ALU lookup.

All these newbs and their "overclockings", go figure...
Test Lab Supervisor