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    Which Programming Language Pays the Best?

    I personally know obj c/swift devs making close to 300k a year. One of them is a high school dropout. Skill and ones ability to market themselves are the only things that matter.
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    Which Programming Language Pays the Best?

    Nope, nope, nope. Nope. Small shop actually, < 20 devs. I'm not going to advertise my location, but it's not hard to figure out.
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    Which Programming Language Pays the Best?

    ^ Not really. I pull 90k working on a SaaS web application that is written primarily in PHP and Javascript (with some services in NodeJS). I'm not even a senior or lead developer either.
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    Russia Plans Replacing Intel and AMD Chips with Domestic Brand

    This has far more to do with domestic production and economic reasoning more than anything else. Put away the tin foil hats, there is no conspiracy here.
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    ASUS Strix Gaming Graphics Cards With 0dB Fan Technology

    *until you run dual monitors. (or did they fix that?)
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    F.C.C. Backs Fast Lanes For Web Traffic

    I personally like the part where Obama campaigned in 2007 on the promise of backing net neutrality laws.
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    The “Strong Smell” Of Fraud From One Bitcoin Miner Maker

    So I can get people to throw money at me simply by making a website with some nice looking pictures and a spec sheet that is totally made up?
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    Is vapor-x worth the premium price?

    one of the things i like about vapor-x cards is they're quiet running @ stock. if silence is your thing, cards that come with a non-stock cooler + o/c'd are nice.
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    SpaceX Dragon Docks with International Space Station

    ... and that's usually how businesses work, they get contracts then render products and/or services.
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    SpaceX Dragon Docks with International Space Station

    Why should tax payers pay to subsidize something that corporations seem to have no problem paying for? 'Liberals :rolleyes:
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    Intel Haswell Refresh Price List?

    Nope. They are reaching the limits of transistor gate length, which is what really determines how fast a CPU can get. If these get any smaller, electrons will leak from the emitter to the collector and there will be no voltage at the base. Unless the scientists come up with some revolutionary...
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    trading a 3g hd7970 for gtx 680 2gb

    The only reason I'm making this trade is because a) i don't care about bitcoin, and b) i want to use 3d vision with my 144hz asus monitor. my only question is whether or not the 2gb of ram will hurt my performance on a 1080p monitor. (i know for regular gaming, it doesn't matter).
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    Bitcoin Bank Flexcoin Shuts Down After $620,000 Heist

    They are, the people who handle them however are not.
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    Why I Walked Out On Apple

    this. literally. i could take off my pants then take a big crap on the floor in my office and walk out. 200 miles away I'd be hired in less than a week of looking for a job because of how in demand my skill set it (similar to what this guy does, but i'm not a pretentious d-bag like him).
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    The Rise and Rise of JavaScript

    and then... My guess is you're uber paranoid about your privacy and just wish all these websites would stop using JS because it's hampering your experience with the web. Hold on a second, let this sink in, it's not going anywhere. If anything, it's going to become more prevalent with the...