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    40" 5120x2160 LG panel in Q1 2021

    30% more pixels than 4k is going to be tough to drive, but seeing as how this is probably 60Hz, hard pass. I prefer 120+ Hz even for non-gaming work. its just so smooth.
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    Navi 21 XT to clock up to 2.4GHz

    Higher clocks mean higher performance when comparing identical architectures. But comparing against two different architectures, the clockspeed means little to nothing.
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    Which shooter to play if you’ve missed the last few years of PC gaming?

    I mean honestly, you've already played the best shooter in the decade (Doom 2016) so hard to really recommend anything nearly as good.
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    If Navi matches 3080 in Raster performance but not Ray Tracing... will we care?

    As a 3D artist, I would love to see AMD's RT implementation have path tracing renderer integration in apps like Blender. Nvidia's Optix render makes even the fastest CPUs look like toys when you can fit the rendered scene in RAM, but 10GB is not a lot of room to fit in a complex scene. so if AMD...
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    AMD Confirms Zen 3's Performance Is Monstrous and Speculation Thread

    as soon as AMD can allocate more wafers to Zen3 chiplets, We will see the lower-priced non-X parts release. At the moment they are using 7NM for Zen2, Zen3, Renoir, Navi 10, Navi11, Navi20, XBSX, XBSS, and PS4. Right now they'll be allocating a TON of wafer-space for console APUs and the new...
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    What are some of the things you guys have done to take advantage of your large amount of ram?

    3D artwork. I run 128GB and I've crashed renders from running out of memory.
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    Zen 3 pricing confuses me

    Prices will go down once two things happen: AMD gets more Wafer allocation for TSMC 7nm And AMD fills its current Console Launch APU contracts. Give it one or two quarters. They want to make the gap between Intel and themselves as wide as possible, but there are only so many wafers going...
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    AMD Zen 3 Launch Event Discussion

    The price is quite prohibitive and no guarantee that the socket is compatible with future chips, as AMD has ALREADY introduced a new HEDT socket for Threadripper Pro alongside the socket they introduced for Threadripper 3000. No trust for AMD's HEDT plans. I would like to be able to pop in a new...
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    Big Navi is coming

    AMD rarely if ever sandbags when they show off a product. Remember when they showed off an 8-core CPU (that would later be revealed to be the 3800X) and said it gamed better than an 9700K? They were technically correct because it was Forza Motorsport that it was gaming in, and it was still a...
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    Big Navi is coming

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    AMD Zen 3 Launch Event Discussion

    More like a Belt Buckle.
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    AMD Zen 3 Launch Event Discussion

    So my 2950X is now trash. My renders are getting more complicated and taking literal DAYS on my system, and upgrading to a 16-24 core chip using Zen3 will greatly improve render times... The only issue is that I have 128GB of RAM on 8 sticks. If I upgrade to a 5000 series CPU on a...
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    AMD Confirms Zen 3's Performance Is Monstrous and Speculation Thread

    When people say Ashes is a benchmark, what they mean is that its a niche game hardly anyone plays that's performance profile doesn't really correlate with any other game engine. In other words, when something is faster than something else at Ashes, it doesn't really tell anyone anything about...
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    Big Navi is coming