I was only 30 years old.
I loved AMD so much.
My entire PC was AMD branded.
Every night I prayed to AMD,
thanking them for providing affordable PC components.
"Radeon is Love" I say, "Radeon is Life".
My dad hears me and calls me an AMD Fanboi shill.
I knew he was jealous of my PC's price to performance ratio.
I call him an Nvidiot.
He slaps me and sends me to bed.
I'm crying now and my PC crashed.
I feel a warmth approach me...
It's Raja Koduri!
I'm so happy.
He whispers to me "2.5x performance per watt"
He turns over my PC and pulls out a screwdriver...
I'm ready
I open my PC for Raja
He pulls out a brand new Radeon® RX Vega 64™ video card.
It was barely faster than a 12 month old card that used half the power, but I do it for Raja.
I feel my mainboard overheat as Raj draws too many watts over the PCI-E lanes.
Raj lets out a mighty roar as he updates my drivers
My dad walks in
Raja Koduri looks him straight in the eye and says
"The biggest advancement in GPU architecture since GCN*"
Raj leaves through my window.
Radeon is love. Radeon is life.
Mar 9, 1987 (Age: 34)
Western Sydney, Australia


Main Rig: "Threasurrection" ■ WC Ryzen TR 2950X ■ Vega56 (sold the 2080Ti) ■ MSI X399 ■ 500 GB Crucial P1 ■ 128GB GSkill 2933
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