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    FFXV Benchmark: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti on Par with GTX 1070, Titan X

    There's a reason the RTX 2060 prices seem to be quietly creeping upwards. Hope doesn't take too long for Kyle to get his mitts on one of these 1660ti's. I have lost interest in all the reviews and hoopla over these $500+ cards. NVIDIA will send one to [H] soon enough because they love Kyle and...
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    Soulja Boy Has Stopped Selling His Consoles Due to a Potential Nintendo Lawsuit

    Soulja Boy's an idiot, and I made a joke that broke a forum rule. My bad Mr. Bennett.
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    PlayStation Classic with RetroArch Runs Games Better Than the Stock Emulator

    You are correct. Marvel Studios owned by Disney makes awesome Marvel movies, the Sony and Fox Marvel movies are absolute trash in my opinion. And they ruined Apocalypse, one of the best bad guys in the X-MEN universe. If I remember correctly, Sony was one of the early birds with the rootkit...
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    PlayStation Classic with RetroArch Runs Games Better Than the Stock Emulator

    SONY, there's a reason their marvel movies suck. There's a reason I was rooting for SD over their small storage overpriced crap years ago. There's a reason Sony Vaio's infamously bricked just after warranty (requiring oven reflow as only solution that seemed to work). There's a reason I was...
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    Teardown of the $2500 Titan RTX Video Card

    RTX = REALLY TOO XPENSIVE. NGREEDIA's overpriced money grab deserves to be torn down in the proper manner. Please do a tear down of your own Kyle using the following method:
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    NVIDIA Leads the Race to the Bottom As Its Stock Takes a 54% Hit in 4Q18

    COAL FOR YOU NGREEDIA. Won't hurt them until someone misses a yacht payment.
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    Rumors Suggest Nvidia Could Launch Turing Cards Without Raytracing

    Don't worry when all these speculations turn into actual products we can go to Hard|OCP, Hardware Unboxed, TPU, and Gamers Nexus, among other good sources for information we consumers want to know. Then, when we are done with that, we can go watch a Shillz2Cents video to hear NVIDIA's take on...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2070 Performance @ [H]

    I like JayZ2Cents but the moment he mentions NVIDIA I leave his video. He seems very shilly on all things NVIDIA to me lately. I also think Bitwit and Paul are not as blunt as necessary. I like the [H], Tech Jesus, and the UDF kid from Sotuh Africa lately for less diplomatic opinions on these...
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    Awesome products from AMD isn't Lisa Su's only card up her sleeve to battle NGREEDIA and Intel. My sources say she's been working with Clarence Beeks to undermine NVIDIA's value at Wall Street. This footage was captured by secret [H] operatives. It shows Beeks checking it with who most...
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    Microsoft Is Readying a Consumer Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle

    Company name may be Microsoft but they go [H]ard.
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    Jersey City Cops Use Fake Amazon Boxes and Doorbell Cameras to Catch Thieves

    As someone who lived in Jersey City their entire life until last year, I approve. GJ mayor Fulop.
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    Where were you years ago Kyle! I had plenty of IBM DeskStar 75GXP's I coulda sold to you. Don't know where you're going with the borked 2080's but I LIKE IT.
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    Intel 2018 Architecture Day @ [H]

    This. I love technology moving forward, but the truth is when intel or ngreedia succeed we lose bang for buck.
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    Fortnite, PUBG and Other Games Allegedly Banned in China

    Over a billion people being ruled over. Not a good percentage of Chinese willing to stick their chest out I guess. I guess those Frenchman jokes work fine for Chinese dudes just as well. Murica muthafucka!
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    The Apple Watch ECG App and Other Health Monitoring Assistants Are Live

    I winced when I read "Could An Apple Watch Save Your Life?" No, probably not.