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    build a new computer

    What kind of budget are you on?
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    Hmmm I might even sell my beloved Sapphire 5870...she has run so beautifully though. Would anybody be interested in buying it?
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    What does everyone use for stress test/benchmarking?

    Great, just what I was looking for guys. Thanks for your input!
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    What does everyone use for stress test/benchmarking?

    ***Disclaimer: This might be in the wrong forum, mods feel free to lock/move if need be. I built my first rig about a year and a half ago. Used Prime95, Furmark, SuperPi, and another I cant remember to actually stress the system. I used CPU-Z, Speedfan, Coretemp and GPU-Z to monitor...
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    GUIDE - MDPC-X SLeeving of individual Cables! by Kamaster

    This is the best guide I have ever seen to sleeving! This deserves to go into the hall of fame for stickies :P But seriously good work and thank you so much for your guide!
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    Scratch Project: Acronym (mITX XBMC HTPC)

    UNNNGGGHHHHH!!!! I get on the Worklog thread everday hoping to see something like this :) Awesome work so far, I only wish I could do CNC work like this :D Keep it up and looking forward to updates!!!
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    Undecided on Case for SLI SB build

    I have an 800D...if you are going with air cooling then this case isn't for you. Well...unless you want to add about 6 more fans lol. The case comes set up with 3 fans I believe but they are pretty cheap. Don't get me wrong, the case is stinkin beast but if your going air cooled route, there...
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    ATI Radeon - Next Hardware Generation?

    Yeah seriously! It'll be cool watching what all happens over the next decade in the tech world. :D
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    ATI Radeon - Next Hardware Generation?

    Oh yeah definitely! I meant that the wall will be in die sizes rather than clock speeds. We can only go so small before the atoms themselves start compounding on each other and then poof your transistors don't work anymore :P Although there is supposed talk of 3-D transistor layouts! Gets me...
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    Is there a "best" case fan out there?

    haha thats why i put best in quotes. I just wanted to get some opinions on what all is out there. Thanks for the input!
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    Is there a "best" case fan out there?

    Simple question, what is the "best" case fan out there? Basically just maximize the airflow without sounding like a jet engine. I will need about 6 120mm fans to go in a case. Thanks in advance
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    ATI Radeon - Next Hardware Generation?

    This is exactly right. We will eventually hit a wall that die shrinks will no longer be feasible. Actually just finished a course in VLSI that explains what happens on the atomic level for CPUs/GPUs...kinda sad but we will hit a wall in about 10 years if not less. Then all we can do is start...
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    Thermal Compound Round-Up

    ^Exactly, and man is it amazing to see a difference when it isn't applied correctly :p
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    Two Razer mice are dead ... other brand suggestions?

    I have been buying Logitech mice/keyboards for over a decade. You simply can't go wrong. Good decision :)