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    Robots Command Humans to Cleanup Spills in Grocery Stores

    Build that wall! Deeez robuts eeer takin our jerbs!
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    "Human Error" Allowed an Alexa User to Hear a Neighbor's History

    Further proof that the robots have reason to kill all humans.
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    Comcast is Allegedly Developing a Video Streaming Aggregator

    Too little, too late . I'm not renting a Comcast device. They can shove it. Should just expand their streaming service and leave devices to others.
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    Why Are We Drawn to Looking at Other People's Screens

    I'm not. Couldn't care less.
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    Who could have guessed the [H] forum is full of economists?
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    Problem is the prices don't go up just enough to cover increased payroll costs. They go up higher than necessary as an opportunity to make their quarterly earnings look better. I don't think most people would care if a product costs 25¢ more than before wage increase.
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    The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is Too Damn High! @ [H]

    Credit is cheap and easy to come by. I doubt many of these buyers are paying cash for these items. It's the new economy.
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    GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Reviews

    Wccftech's review was blatant brown nosing. Nothing matters to me but the [H] review. Hard to trust people who get shit for free. Not smart to bite the hand that feeds.
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    A Tutorial and a Full Match of the Unreleased Card Game Artifact

    Can't wait to play Fartiact: Defense of the Anus. A steamworks VR game, with smellovision. I hear Gaben is personally involved.
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    Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Versus GTX 1080 Ti Benchmarks Are Out

    Everyone knows the Turks are liras.
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 2 @ [H]

    I sold my two 1080s and replaced them with a 1080Ti. Can't recommend doing so enough. I do not miss SLI. The 1080Ti is the shit.
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    Hunt: Showdown - Free Weekend - 20% Off - Game Key Raffle

    Going to try it out. Can't fathom how I'm going to fit another game in my life. Although, I do have 9 days off starting this weekend. :cool:
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    Sling TV is Losing Steam

    Wife switched from Sling to Philo a while back. Had Sling from beginning. Service had the same issues 2-1/2 years later as day one. Crappy app, unstable streaming.