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    RX 5700 Reference needs no modifications.....

    did they unlock the Real Potential with HBM? want to pursue and go this route. It does looks like the socket and Lanes saturation went too skimpy on...and you don't have to clock savage man..that is different.
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    Nvidia Killer

    Or it's the still launching a 6gb Polish and knowing that's still a bottleneck too stuff.
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    Nvidia Killer

    You have the custom stuff with team red card though...that is user discretion though. RTX cards died and Nvidia's Locking of everythingggg. But I don't know still not a bad mid/upper mid tier market and polishing.
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    Nvidia Killer

    They've been doing it...not interested still with bandwidth in the socket..Socket Killer...Id rather take a Reference Vega..maybe it wasn't dogged much...I'm gonna really think every Nivida is beyond dogged out now. That's still better than a 1070 lol....that's on you Probably don't need the new...
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    1070 SLI upgrade path?

    well that's the thing buy one think the cards fed up or something...just buy something I don't know..I see some dogging on this one though...idk shot at a reference vega see if its ok. Probably is...
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    Best current Nvidia video card with 1070 or 1080 type performence ?

    redneck 2138 core 2124 memory...think about as how I had it...that first bead is jumped and 12.6v. That's up to you both of those new things are alien and wayyy better.
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    ASUS unveils custom RX 5700 STRIX

    Well the Strix women just LOVED her Demoing Lol...besides fing up that board Lol. And Asus don't even want to do indicator LEDs...does that matter ittt their killing NVidia..jump those first bead or two and just f it send 12.6v in does run better lol
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    A return to AMD after 13 years

    You chose wisely...should have no stability issues at 4.2...and not gonna worry about a few frames and a millsecond of frame timing.
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    Given an old computer, retro XP gaming rig?

    Nooo not that baddd. Probaly almost though. About as bad as they wanted to just say f it and spend less on Athlon stuff. what the world in hell you want that for?
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    AMD PBO Bios Settings

    turn it off and just run 4.2 take off spectrum too...and declock idle with CoolNQuiet at 2200. GOD with even Airrr how cool it runs.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Probably still like just the average joe 3600x...that other chip did clock better..this one benches better in single thread though. It's excellent at 4.2. Probably better for airrr...stuff with team blue where water does reign in some high load temps a little... That is NOT fail significant IPC...
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    2600 vs 3600, for a brand new build?

    The 2600x is fine man...and 4.2 is still fine and plenty...hold off in case I want get the 3600x...we'll dog out the 7700k and interleaving board.
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    Power goes off for less than a second and pc is not effected (no ups)

    Actually its pretty average most of them...dual 330uf was thought even overkill let alone dual 420uf's....that's a very conservative's just can still go small in the front and really big on the diodes idk...maybe a little easier on the diodes...that...
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    Asus strix b450 itx with 3700x random shutdowns.

    I don't know what it is...old unit looked at chip OCP/UVP/OVP...some of that bullshit went bad for no reason...start and just at least look at the rails though.
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    Memory OC on Ryzen 3700X and X470

    Id just see if it would run 3200..should...go from there...really 10-15% IPC gain? and more cache stuff? That's still a monster at even only 4.2....