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    HTPC/NAS or separate?

    I'm running a lian li pc-q25 as a vmware esx server with media center and home server. I have a separate htpc that it streams from. Using a silicon dust hdhomerun with cable card to record. 5 hard drives + 1 wd raptor.
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    Content Filtering For Small School

    Does anyone use a Palo Alto Networks firewall?
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    Antec Lanboy Air

    Maybe he thinks this is the Silent Form Factor cases subforum?
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Back in stock at Sundial Micro.
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Just ordered from Newegg. Looks like it's back in stock. Can't wait to build this!
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    It makes it heavy as hell. I used to take it LANing but the weight for such a small package was disappointingly deceiving.
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    I think I will upgrade my TJ08 to this. As long as the front is not made of solid metal like the previous one.
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    Win7 system image and back up

    Try acronis image and then reflash.
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    Digital cable through TV Tuner?

    @sethmo - Going with myth as a backend will work if you have the digital plus package and a box with firewire. I was recording all my HD shows off of it onto my media center. Ran a script that converted the file names to something more usable then shared it on the network. The only downside to...
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    HD Basic cable?

    Yes both HVR 1800 series and 2200 series should work fine. I recommend going with Windows 7 media center and just connect everything and you should be fine.
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    Choosing a case?

    I'm a big Silverstone fan and wish they made something like the Raven 02 in a matx form factor. looking at Lian Lis right now: LIAN LI PC-A05NB LIAN LI PC-A03B is my preferred. If you want to go slightly bigger but more conveniant for LANs the coolermaster scout works. For LAN parties only I...
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    SG-01 and i7 - Anyone Done This? I agree. I had the mini P180 and it was not small nor light enough as a matx sff gaming system.
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    Lian Li PC-A03

    I like this case! Gonna get it and stuff an i7 build into it.
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    Awesome Thanks Tiraides! Is your TJ08-B new or did you buy it awhile ago? Is it a heavy chunk of metal on the front panel or has it gotten lighter?
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    Is this in a TJ08 like case? What are your temps like? Considering getting this setup as I have case, proc, & mem.