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    I'm impressed with new high airflow cases

    I recently used the Phanteks 600s and it is quite good airflow and actually more quiet as mesh as opposed to the "silent" mode with covers. I used Noctua fans and found that using too many fans at too high of an RPM caused it to actually get hotter, likely because the air was just swirling in...
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    New Silverstone FT02

    If anyone wants a FT-02 in pretty decent shape let me know. I just made a new system and moved to a new case, and will likely sell the case or possibly the whole system i5-8400, 1070TI, 16GB, 750 Seasonic Gold P/S. Am in San Diego local meet up would be easier.
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    Help with Case Choice

    I used a FT-02 for several builds and it was always really quiet. Was considering using the new Alta F1 but the new generation of graphics cards all have heat pipes that would not work well in the 90 degree rotation. So in search of a case. Be Quiet one seems nice, but the 600s also seems to...
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    Help with Case Choice

    I am building a new PC. I have the 5600 processor already, and it will have either a 3080 or 6800XT in it. I want the system to be as silent as possible. I will run the CPU and GPU at stock (possible GPU undervolt) I will use a Noctua S15S as the CPU cooler I will use an ASUS Dark Hero...
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    6800 / XT Review Round Up

    It's interesting. In the few reviews that used them the Fidelity FX optimized cards seemed to really be ahead of 3080. Stock to stock, 3080 is overall ahead and has much faster RT and DLSS. but I could see that moving towards AMD as time goes on. They say there are already 60 Fidelity FX cards...
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    Asus X570-E vs ROG Crosshair VIII WiFi (or Dark Hero, depending on price)

    Well the Dark Hero is fanless which is a huge plus. It is also a 2nd generation X570 which is always a plus as they can optimize the board after a year or more of learning where the weaknesses of the design are. It supports adaptive overclocking if you overclock. Has a better sound system...
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    I do not seem to be able to message directly.

    I do not seem to be able to message directly.
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    Have people ahead of you. Are you San Diego local?

    Have people ahead of you. Are you San Diego local?
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    Watch Dogs Legion - Xbox Series X/S Ray Tracing vs PC RTX

    Just my opinion but I think that Rasterization is >>>>RT in importance and I think the Radeon cards are far better positioned for the future. They will have a DLSS alternative, and Ray Tracing will be for the most part designed around DXR keeping console capability in mind. DLSS is not a magical...
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    Watch Dogs Legion - Xbox Series X/S Ray Tracing vs PC RTX

    Isn't there like 1 RA per 20 cores so the PC should have at least double the raw RT performance of PS5 and at least 25% above Xbox?
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    ZEN 3 performs best when paired with RTX 3000???

    Seems like if you configure it right it provides an exceptional upgrade but there are several ways to hold it back. Essentially don't cheap out on memory and GPU if you want the benefit, and get the right speed of memory and make sure there are 4 ranks, ie either 4 DIMMs with 1 rank or 2 DIMMS...
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I made no claim to be an expert in consumer motherboards. I do work in the embedded computing industry selling industrial motherboards from ATX all the way down to 1.8" sizes as well as COM express modules. My experience with our products which are super high quality is the next CPU generation...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    So my name just came up for the EVGA 3080 FTW3 version with the metal backplate. I had really decided to go with a 6800XT this time and still think I want to go that way when I can get a Nitro or Red Devil. But I couldn't just turn down the 3080 who knows when I will actually get the 6800XT. If...
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I won't presume to advise you, that is your decision but I think I would. If you look at Newegg reviews you will see a lot of reviews that seem to align with this issue. It is definitely not something I want to deal with and because of that I have eliminated Aorus from consideration. Again only...
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    It's a waste of money and completely unecessary.