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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Season 1: Rehashed, retold, and reused plots seen in just about every other Star Trek series. Nice Federation ship designs. Overall, watchable but disappointing. Season 2: Much better than season 1. Again, the plots and stories aren't as original as they could/should be. I really wish they...
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    Researchers Find a 19 Year Old Bug In WinRAR

    lol. You beat me to it. Why would anyone use this anymore when there are excellent opensource (free) options like 7zip that can handle old rar files?
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    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    Well, guess I'm glad I bit the bullet and SLI'd my 1080 TIs. What a disappointment.
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    Here Is the Apex Legends Launch Trailer

    I'm in between games at the moment so I spun this up last night. It was fun. I haven't played an area style shooter in a while. Felt a little rusty. Considering the cost of entry is $0, it's pretty good. Graphics where nice and smooth. Weapon physics seem ok. Soooo rusty.... :P
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    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    Just another reason to use Chrome as little as possible. I use FF for work and Cliqz (an offshoot of FF) for everything else. I only use Chrome for interacting with my Google services (Play Music, YouTube, Drive, etc).
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    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    This sort of thing isn't new. While I think people that use these kinds of "tactics" aren't technically cheating, I do think that it shows they don't have very good gaming ethics. I remember a time when gamers played by a set of unwritten rules that were built on mutual respect and decency. Now...
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    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    Finally, companies will have to re-code all their internal crap to work with browsers people actually use. I'm so tired of having to use 3 different browsers just to do my job. As a side note, I guess this supports the rumors that MS is considering moving to a Linux based OS for it's next major...
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    Venom Is a Waste of Tom Hardy's Talent and Your Time According to Reviews

    Critic reviews of either action, comic book, most sci-fi, horror, or basically anything that isn't a "chic" flick or a drama are basically worthless. I only care what fans have to say about their respective genres. If the fans like it, then it's a solid yes. If the fans hate it, then it's a...
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    NIntendo Has Patented a Game Boy Conversion Case for Smartphones

    I was about to say. I saw this from a 3rd party about 2-3 years ago. Not sure if they ever actually went to market with it or if Nintendo just bought them out or wiped them out.
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    Sony Has Announced the 25th Anniversary PlayStation Classic

    Will I have to play with the console turned upside down? You know, to keep the virtual disc from popping out when the door keeps opening. Just won't be the same otherwise. :D:D:D
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    Cannot get to

    Guess it doesn't matter now. I can get to you. But to answer your question, I was just using Chrome from my Windows 10 PC over my AT&T fiber connection. To clarify, I don't have the problem anymore. Thanks
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    Cannot get to

    Just an FYI, but when I try to go to I get this error...
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    Noctua Was the Only Hardware Company at Computex Totally Ignoring RGB

    I may be old and cantankerous (not really, I'm in my early 40's) but it is very hard to find quality performance parts that don't have the lighting on them. Plus, it would be nice to not have to pay a premium for a feature that doesn't affect performance and is just an aesthetic thing. Also...
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    Now that E3 is Over...

    Don't know if I just missed it, but was hoping to see something regarding Horizon: Zero Dawn II, or whatever they are going to call it. Was glad to hear about the new Star Wars single player game coming out, but would have liked to have seen some actual in game footage. Lastly, I would have...