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    2080ti and free cyberpunk 2077. cant find my game now

    So like alot of people I purchased 2080ti brand new with the free cyberpunk 2077 game that would come with on release of the game> i remember taking all the steps to redeem the game but now I cant find it on any of the game platforms steam epic origin any one know what game platform...
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    the Thermaltake Tower 900

    i used a 3x120 fractal aio in mine worked great had a huge xalman 9900max on it for a while and it was fine just change out the top mounted 140s to something that moves more air the stock fans didnt move to much air.
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    Who is buying a 3080 and 3090?

    Going 3090x2 just because its there last non quadro card thats going to support multi gpu. I know no games use it but i like the look of it in my case
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    Free: Two non functioning GeForce GTX 1080 Founders

    Drop my name in the hat
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    Building a dual eatx wall mounted case

    Ordered my Shapeoko XXL cnc this week will be here tuesday will be making custom dual eatx mobo tray with holes for wire managementand possibly a distro block/ resivoir to cover the whole bottom side. Case will be wall mounted above my desk when finished
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    Building a dual eatx wall mounted case

    ordered the t slot aluminum today to get started will post pics of stuff as it comes in. heres the frame all together more pics to come waiting on sheets of aluminum
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Ive got 2 i can give away to the first 2pms
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    Building a dual eatx wall mounted case

    no the thermal take tower 900 was never ment for dual eatx setup but we tried getting it to fit but needed another 1-2inches in height and would have been good
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    Building a dual eatx wall mounted case

    So ive picked up an aorus x399 eatx mobo with a Threadripper 2970WX cpu and 64gbs ram. I all ready own the auros x299 gaming 7 eatx mobo with an i9 9820x. have 1 evga gtx 2080ti gpus and an xfx radeon 5700xt and enough hdds to store enough movies and music to last me 10 lifetimes. So I want to...