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    Comcast Is America's Most-Hated Company

    The truck at the end was definitely a shitty driver. The guy's voice filming isn't really making a great case either, but to have 0 empathy for what the man was saying is kind of frightening. Even after people are sliding off the road he seems to not care.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Announces Swift PG27UQ

    Honest question: Why 31-31 instead of 27? That just seems so huge 2-3 feet in front of your face. I feel like i'd be moving my head all over the place while gaming.
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    Cyber Monday Holiday Online Deals 2016 Compilation List

    I go to Amazons app and click on Cyber Monday and lightning deals . I see no offer on a 4k tv that I can save to my watch list .
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    Cyber Monday Holiday Online Deals 2016 Compilation List

    Can anyone explain how to watch for again deals? They have a press release for a 50in 4k tv for cheap for cyber Monday but I can't find it any where on their app. How are you supposed to know when abs what tv?
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    Hyperloop One Completes First Test

    But how much did it cost to operate and run a concorde + ticket prices, vs how much this will be to operate + ticket price? Wasn't the hyperloop meant to be a low cost solution? (I'm honestly asking because I don't know)
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    Hyperloop One Completes First Test

    Do you think there will be more people killed in car accidents (fatal accidents per total drivers on road) than killed in the hyperloop (fatal accidents per hyperloop rider) ?
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    Alicia Vikander To Star As Lara Croft In “Tomb Raider”

    Yeah, she is also good in The Danish Girl as well. I say it's a big upgrade to a good actress. Those more concerned with boobs over talent and story are hilarious.
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    Video Shows Google Self-Driving Car Hit Bus

    The only time I ever speed up to close a gap is when someone blatantly flies past everyone in a turn only lane to try and cut in front or when there have been signs posted for a mile about your lane ending and you waited until it actually ended to merge. No, I will not let you in. You had ample...
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    Four Self-Driving Cars Have Already Been In Accidents

    and Seems not very newsworthy but what is now a days?
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    Ford Car That Prevents You From Speeding

    Amen brother. I do all my calculus by hand...can't trust those computers.
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    Ford Car That Prevents You From Speeding

    Instead of having to pass a car that's going under the speed limit by going over the limit and into an opposing lane, there should be a legal law that makes cars going slower than the speed limit have to actively allow a car to pass. IE: When I was in New Zealand I noticed slower cars in...
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    Teens Texting And Driving Even Worse Than We Thought

    Just out of curiosity, how old are you? I understand your premise and it has good arguments in it; you come off very angry in this post, and what it also appears to be, angry for no reason at other people. You have no idea what kind of crap that guy might be getting for not getting the...
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    Google Offers 2GB Drive Space For Completing Security Checkup

    "Paranoia, paranoia, Everybody's coming to get me!"
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    Now Is The Time To Switch Back To Firefox

    I once wondered that if the government came out today and said "no more gov benefits just for being married" what the decline rate of people getting married would be? I just don't see why the government doesn't rename their "Marriage" benefits to "2 consenting humans in a legal contract with...