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    I voted no. If your lawyer is recommending you don't sign then don't sign. As far as the price of the cards, crowdfund it from people in the forums with each person who helped fund it having a chance to win it once your reviews are done.
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    fail0verflow Gets Linux GUI Running On Nintendo Switch

    I would love to be able to install steam on my switch and stream games to it. Hopefully they can make it happen.
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    Upgrade from 2500k to 6700k

    I just ordered a 6700k from jet. If I only had one 980 ti I would probably stick with my 2500k. I feel like the 2500k and the p67 motherboard is holding the 2 gpus back. I will just put my 2500k into my M1 case with the Z77 mitx motherboard that is in my closet and make it my LAN box/ spare...
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Added a Silverstone sx500-lg to my SG05 case. Here are some pics. Thanks to the right angle internal power cord, it doesn't fit perfectly.
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    Laptop Duel -- Can't Decide between Yoga 2 Pro / Lenovo Y40

    I got it Directly from Lenovo's site. It is $930 before taxes. I'm not sure if this is normal price now or part of their extended Cyber Monday deals that ends today. The Pro version is the same price as the non...
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    Laptop Duel -- Can't Decide between Yoga 2 Pro / Lenovo Y40

    I just ordered that exact config on the Yoga 2 pro. Cost just under $1000 after taxes and the free shipping. I just got a new job as a network engineer, and since I am pretty green, I will be going out on every job there is so I can get the training. I wanted a laptop that was mobile since I...
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    Xbox One Demand "Through The Roof", Could Outship PS4 3-to-1

    Outship doesn't mean out sell. Even if they ship 2 to 3x more units to retailers, I see both systems selling around the same this holiday season. Though X1 will probably do better in the US.
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    Bethesda Working On S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Rumor

    This doesn't bother me. Just like with all of Bethesda's games, I couldn't play any of the STALKER games without mods. As long as it has mod tools for modders to use then I don't have a problem with them taking over the franchise.
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    More RIM Jobs Lost

    How does one get cut from a RIM job?
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    Crytek Is Going Exclusively Free-to-Play

    I am interested to know how F2P will work on next gen consoles. Crytek owns the Timesplitters IP and I was hoping they would release a fourth game to the series. I would be disappointed if it comes out as a F2P game.
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    Fractal Design Node 304 itx case

    Sweet looking case. Can't wait to see reviews.
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    Man Watches 252 Netflix Movies In 30 Days

    If he is unemployed, watching 8.4 movies a day shouldn't be that hard.
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    MSI On Display @ Computex 2012

    I am using the Asrock Z77 itx and it is a great board. I agree the MSI isn't offering much compared to it or the Asus one. If it is in the same price range, 150 - 200, then there will be no reason to choose it over the competition. If they manage to offer a Z77 itx board under 100 then there may...
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    MSI On Display @ Computex 2012

    It is nice to know more companies are offering mini itx boards.
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    Lian-Li PC-Q02

    Thanks for the pics. That is a small case. I think they should try to make the PSU smaller. That is the only thing I don't like about it. I know Antec makes a m-itx case with an external power supply. Maybe Lian Li look into making cases with external power supplies.