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    Intel insider claims it finally lost Apple because Skylake QA 'was abnormally bad'

    Didn't they fire a bunch of people a few years ago or so. Maybe that wasn't the best move.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to November 19th

    They want time to incorporate outrage feedback. Too many Black villains is racist or too few is racist? That kind of no win bullshit. If they give a cushion between press & release, they can 'fix' the randomly generated outrage. If the journos don't point anything out now, they can't say...
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    Steam Switcheroo Swaps "Pirate Action" Game ...

    Yeah, well, all the people who defended Codemasters making retroactive game changes to one of their games, can stfu on this one.
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    AI System – Using Neural Networks With Deep Learning – Beats Stock Market in Simulation

    As with all systems, other people will have them and distort market reaction into a new pattern. Then a new system will need to be developed and so on and so on ....
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    Do we really want our robots to have consciousness?

    If you could actually make an AI that was a self-aware sentient being, it would be both dangerous and potentially cruel to do so. You have a being that going from nothing to existing as a fully developed version of itself in under a day. Humans take 9 months to develop an another 18 years to...
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    Jack Dorsey Tells Andrew Yang: 'AI is Coming For Programming Jobs'

    Doing UBI now is just buying votes and subsidizing Amazon. Wait for calamity to actually get here first. The Industrial Revolution should have created mass unemployment and to a degree, it did. But we're better off in the long run. If I have health insurance the rest of my life, a UBI on...
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    Jack Dorsey Tells Andrew Yang: 'AI is Coming For Programming Jobs'

    programmer's salaries must be up for review.
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    Bill Gates, Airbus, Softbank back EarthNow plan to cover Earth with real-time video surveillance satellites

    This is good? Government agencies previous to today who had privy to that type of power had little interest in messing with my personal life. That has shifted in the past two decades, but doesn't make it right and needs to end. But my neighbors have all kinds of interest in fucking with me...
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    Bill Gates, Airbus, Softbank back EarthNow plan to cover Earth with real-time video surveillance satellites

    So based off a assumption that improved surival rate will result in reduced birthrate is dumb. This is based off correlation = causation in the West. Commensurate with improved survivability we had agricultural revolution in lowing the need for labor, a massive improvement in the average...
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    COVID: The Outbreak (The Game) is officially launching on May 29th

    For an individual, it is in the ballpark of a bad flu year. It's the number of sick people at once which was the threat but that was based on a much higher per individual risk of becoming serious. The numbers need to be re-run, but if you never look you never have to say you were wrong.
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    Google claims its AI can design computer chips in under 6 hours

    The only way to avoid corrupting the AI would be to exterminate all people. You call it corrupted because it got taught things you don't like. Its the majority opinion but still just an opinion. I'm sure you hold non-majority views that you would like the AI to agree with.
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    More Windows 10 update fail

    Nobody deserves this as the update system is force fed to users. Also an OS being a threat the file system is beyond the pale.
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    Machine Learning Algorithm Runs On A Breadboard 6502

    Stone knives and bearskins.
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    Academics steal data from air-gapped systems using PC fan vibrations

    The only concern is if you're buying your shit from another country without good transparency. Then you're at risk. For example, we sold Saddam printers which sent us a copy of what was printed. We have chipsets and processors coming to us from China. Smooth move on our part.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    You're paying the bill, you'e spending your time. It's their devotion that gives the series another run. Fans deserve to be entitled, especially the old one.