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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    Yes but very slim
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    Experience with ASRock?

    I loved my Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 the other day till a latest BIOS update borked it since I still had a Sandy Bridge CPU in it.. Having to order a new BIOS chip from Asrock with an older "compatible" BIOS version on it.. In the meantime I replaced it with an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth that's running with...
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    Dead Island.. .. Experiences? Opinions?

    Hey guys.. This title looks intriguing.. I love a good zombie slash-fest.. You guys have any experience with the single player campaign's.. Good/Bad? I will be playing the PS3 version if I decide to pick it up.. Won't be doing any multi so that part really doesnt matter to me to be honest...
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    Overclocking the MSI GD65

    I had a similar experience to RipperMac.. After updating my BIOS I got an updated version of CC2 from MSI.. v2.1.008.. and I am rock solid using CC2 @ 4.5ghz & 1.25v w/ Corsair 1600 w/ XMP enabled w/ no problems.. Haven't really tested it any higher than 4.5.. I didn't have to change/disable...
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    LG 55" LX6500 3D LED 240HZ $1299

    man thats crazy
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    Dead Space - $6.80 on steam

    pretty backlogged myself but @ 7 bucks i couldn't resist..
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    Poll: 1155 boards - Working fine vs. Not Working

    Have a MSI P67A-GD65 w/ a 2500k running smooth w/ no issues.. My most painless build in many many years.. I am very happy with the OC stability and performance..
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    Anyone with a MSi p67 board?

    I don't think the tool is setup to perform "auto applying" of the profiles but I am not 100% certain.. If you do not specify a specific profile i believe the last settings that were applied are saved as your "default" profile.. Otherwise you need to save individual profile setups and load them...
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    Anyone with a MSi p67 board?

    Yeah that was me.. Glad it helped you out!! It's been totally stable for me.. Glad I don't have to go in and out of the BIOS as often..
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    Anyone with a MSi p67 board?

    I have an MSI P67A-GD65 and have been really happy with the board.. I had several X58 boards prior by several manufacturers and was never happy with the price/performance I was getting.. I had decent overclocks but the system just never felt right to me.. Board went in easily.. setup easily...
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    So who went to MC today to get their SB cpu.

    Also.. Forgot to mention.. About 20 mins after I got there the stores credit card authorization system went down and remained down.. the line was insane.. they literally had to manually write down all the order information SKU by SKU and do a credit card imprint..
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    So who went to MC today to get their SB cpu.

    Picked up a 2500K & the MSI GD65 just to try something different.. I've gone ASUS many times in the past though.. The Metro Atlanta MC (Marietta) was pre-sold out of the 2600K's before they even opened.. There were 2 2500k's left around noon so I called and the sales person set one aside for...
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    Some ASUS Rampage III Extreme, eVGA GTX 480 SC, and PNY GTX 480 eye candy

    I have never felt more broke in my life!! LOL!! Nice setup man!! Let's see some numbers w/ that monster!!
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    that things a beast
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    XFX HD 5970 Black Edition LIMITED Leaked

    Edited the post.. Didnt notice all the other threads..