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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    What brand are those speaker monitors?
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    AMD board upgrade

    ordered the 970. Can't wait to go SLI
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    AMD board upgrade

    I want to upgrade my motherboard so I can run gtx 560 TI in SLI. I currently have but I want to upgrade to a AMD sli board. The cheapest I found was...
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    Replacing Motherboard/ Adding GPU

    I'm in the process of doing the same upgrade for battlefield 3. I have a GTX 560 ti which I want to go SLI with. I have Windows 7 and office 2010. Would I have to reactivate any one of those packages and if so how? thanks
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    Join my BF3 community

    Hello [H] members, I'm part of a casual clan called Hell Dogs Unleashed that is currently awaiting the release of Battlefield 3. We have around 8-10 chilled guys but we would love to have more. If you want to check us out, come to our TS ( or check us out...
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    Best NIC card

    Hi guys, I been having an issue with my integrated Atheros Lan port and I want to replace it with a NIC card. What would best the best NIC card for reasonable price. The only thing the NIC card would do is connect to the internet. I won't be moving large files from one computer to another...
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    DNS opinion requested

    This is surprising, according to namebench, Comcast has the fastest DNS. Due to reliability, I think I'll stick with openDNS because I don't want to go through another week of slow internet if Comcast's DNS was the cause. Uploaded with
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    DNS opinion requested

    Awesome, that cleared things up. I'll be testing different DNS services tonight.
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    DNS opinion requested

    This past week, my Comcast internet was really slow. I called Comcast and their tests show that my internet is just fine and that they won’t do anything to fix it. I was pissed but I managed to change a few configurations by running a few network commands in the CMD window which helped...
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    op VM build

    96 gb of RAM 4/ 4 core processors
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    Battlefield 3 Clan Party

    In anticipation for Battlefield 3, I want to populate my Origin friends list with battlefield 3 players. The idea is that I will be able to connect with people on my friends list and rock any server with a kick-a$$ squad. If you plan on playing Battlefield 3 on release day, sign this...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    Strange, I was in the Alpha trial and EA emailed me with an "offer I cannot refuse." Basically, I got a free game (Dead Space 2), beta access in September, BF f2p item and Karkand map. The deal was live for only 3 days.
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    League of Legends free character builds etc?

    @OP Since you are beginning LoL, ALWAYS remember to role play. It will not only improve your skills, but it will force you to be a team player. Try to see what the enemy team picks are and try to counter either by champion pick and/or items. There are a lot of roles you can play, but the...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    I just want to say that I pre-ordered it on Origin Add me: techniz
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    Hard Gaming Origin ID List

    Add me: techniz I pre-ordered Battlefield 3 on Origin