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    San Francisco University Lays Off IT Workers; Jobs Head to India

    This move by the UCSF is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon approved.
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    Robots to Wear Real Human Tissue

    Hence the primary problem with time travel....scientists have yet to find a workaround to the whole "anywhere you go you arrive nude" problem.
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    Robots to Wear Real Human Tissue

    AI research accelerating, scientists wanna put living tissue on robots, all that's missing now is the time travel
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    What the Game Industry Thinks of Nintendo’s Switch

    I actively laughed aloud reading this..
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    Large Hadron Collider Disproves the Existence of Ghosts, British Professor Claims

    Isn't this also the same place they caught some staff members performing some sort of fake sacrificial ritual in the middle of the campus....late at night. Guess that's the best scientific test they could come up with, lets pretend to do this ritual and spend however much money and resources...
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    Dutch Town Installs LED Pavement Strips to Alert Distracted Smartphone Users

    There's a bar here that just painted brightass yellow footprints on the ground, oddly enough going straight... to... the parking lot o_O, gotta make sure ppl get home I guess lol
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    Google Fiber Scaled Back, Hundreds of Employees Lost

    You'd think with as much money/influence Google has aquired by now that at least every major city at least would have had fiber installed. But maybe bc of 5g hopes that why googles pushing their cell development further. Maybe googles got the dream of being your all stop shop for internet, cell...
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