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    Tesla Adds Two Independent Directors to Its Board of Directors

    Somehow I don't think this is going to save the ship.
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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed in Podcast

    Why is this a big deal? I'm not a fan of Musk for many reasons but his choice of interview relaxation isn't one of them.
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    Amazon Data Center Electrical Bills Are Secretly Funded by Taxpayers

    Because "going green" and "going solar" entails siphoning even more tax money. There's huge federal and often state subsidies for all of them.
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    Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass Point Of No Return

    Past the point of no return and yet we are still expected to shovel countless billions to corporate special interests to fight it. Too bad environmentalism isn't really about protecting the environment.
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    Snapchat Makes Money Disappear

    Yes and I'm sure Yahoo! was just acquiring customers when they spent $3.7 billion on acquiring Geocities. I'm sure they were acquiring content when they bought for $5.7 billion. Both of these purchases were made in 1999 during the last tech bubble, didn't exactly go well for them...
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    Snapchat Makes Money Disappear

    Let's see, internet startups with little to no revenue getting absurd valuations and having tons of investor money thrown at them. Gee, where did we see this before? Can anyone say "bubble"?
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    Ten Jobs That Automation Won’t Kill Off

    It's also absurd because we've been automating ourselves out of the job for more than 200 years now and yet there's still jobs to be had. People who still think otherwise subscribe to the Lump of Labor Fallacy. In the real world, robots have helped increase wages and productivity without...
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    Ford Recalls 432K Cars Over Software Problem

    I think I'll stick to my tried and true OBD1 based car thank you.
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    The Tech Industry Is In Denial

    That kind of thinking was pretty much the norm during the last tech bubble in the 90's. Things like profitability and having viable products no longer mattered, this was why Yahoo! payed billions for Geocities.
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    How 'Destiny' Lost Support Of Its Biggest Fans

    This. What's more amazing is the people in the comments of the article trying to defend what Bungie is doing, either they're paid PR people or they're just plain fools. So this is what Bungie has descended to, just another money grabbing gold digger. How the mighty have fallen.
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    Intel Headquarters Building Topped with Wind Turbines

    Monuments to sillyness.....
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    China to Spend $182 Billion to Boost Internet by End of 2017

    Where I live we've spent an extraordinary amount on infrastructure, but rather than spend it on mission critical infrastructure like roads virtually all of it was wasted on bioswales, streetcars and various other green elephants while key infrastructure was left to crumble. When people got tired...
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    This Tiny Electric Car Can Drive Sideways and Shrink

    I literally can't fit into any of these micro-machines.
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    The 10 Countries with the World's Fastest Internet Speeds

    But it gives them something to bash us for, which is the most important thing. That said I can't help but wonder what would have happened if this area was genuinely deregulated and I wonder why it hasn't been done.
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    RIAA Cuts More Jobs, Awards Bonuses to Execs

    No wonder Best Buy is sinking. Yep, what they're doing here is classic bad management. Most people, at some level or another, are motivated by money. It might not be the number one priority for most, but it definitely matters when the execs are getting big bonuses and you're getting nothing...