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    Amazon’s New World game is bricking GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards

    I remember world of warcraft would hit very high FPS in the menus back in the day as well.
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    Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome After Shock Update

    I use Brave. Chrome without the spyware.
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    Setting up a new network for a home

    At this point the house is already fully Sheetrocked so I can't add any ports or additional runs unfortunately. As for the PoE switches, one would be in a garage so it wouldn't be exposed to the elements. The other would be mounted underneath a covered deck area. So the most it will face is...
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    Setting up a new network for a home

    I am moving to a new home later this year and I plan to setup networking and surveillance in stages after I move in. I am a software developer by profession, but am definitely not well versed in networking. I am looking for something that has a nice easy to use user interface and based upon my...
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    Amazon sharing your internet without consent

    I looked in the Alexa app on my phone and did not see the described option to turn it off
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    Best Buy Beta

    Why are you buying so much applecare is what I am wondering. Just self insure...and be careful.
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    Can we get CD-R made in Japan in the near future?

    I still have a spindle of Taiyo Yuden DVDs I haven't touched in a very long time.
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    GPU mining moves to RTX 3000 laptops (AKA exploring new lows)

    What a waste of hardware and electricity.
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    Opinions on the Logitech G502 Mouse?

    I have a 502 hero that I no longer use for my gaming PC. The switches in the left and right mouse button started to fail on me in about 5 months of use. Waaaay sooner than my previous g500. Looking at reviews it seems this is a common problem. I got a replacement from logitech, but am using a...
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    Has your G-Sync display locked you into the Nvidia EcoSystem?

    I hated the idea of getting a monitor that would lock me into a particular video card side (Nividia vs AMD). I waited long enough until Nividia finally had their "G-Sync Compatible" imitative and bought a monitor that can do both freesync and g-sync without issue.
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    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    I'm probably going to wait till late this year or early next year at this point.
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    Cable management fail

    All my nasty is hidden behind the motherboard tray as well. Clean in public view, nasty under the cover.
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    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    Yeah I would need to get new RAM. I'm still on DDR3. It is sad that a 1070 is going to struggle in cyberpunk when it is only 1 generation old. If that's the case, I feel like there isn't a big point in me upgrading now if I need to wait for nividia 3xxx series. By then new AMD cpus would...
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    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    This weekend is tax free weekend in my state. Given that, I was looking at possibly upgrading my computer. Current specs are: i7-4770k @ 4.2ghz 32gb RAM 1070 GTX I play on a 1440p 144hz monitor. The game I play most now is Escape from Tarkov and want to play Cyberpunk when that comes out. At...
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    Pretty much how I feel about all streamers. I see no appeal.