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    Apple Event Reveals iPhone 12

    Regardless of whether or not you believe 120hz is worth it or not, or that mobile games suck - 120hz is still a marked jump in smoothness and responsiveness of a display. Everything else on the iPhone are incremental improvements at this point and does not justify an upgrade for some of us...
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    AMD Ryzen™ 3000XT Series Processors

    Not very excited either - although I was planning on skipping Zen 3 and waiting for DDR5 and upgrading then. Seems like with the XT, the extra 100-200MHz is only guaranteed on 1 core and not all of them... I guess we'll have to wait and see if reviews show that the extra boost is across all...
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    Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Bending Kit - $39.99

    I got mine a week or 2 ago. Got most of my waterloop parts in except for some fittings. Need to borrow my buddies heat gun also.
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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    Isn't Blue the weak point regarding OLED? I haven't been keeping up but I remember Blue was the one that tended to lose brightness/lifespan sooner than Red and Green. Have they fixed this?
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    AMD 600-Series Chipset Expected to Land Before 2020 Ends

    Nice. Don't really intend to upgrade my platform again until DDR5 RAM is out though. I've been upgrading every cycle since Ryzen 1 and need to slow it down.
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    Samsung’s stunning ‘The Space’ PC monitor is near its lowest price ever in this limited-time deal

    What're the limited desk options? You mean that it needs a certain type of sturdy desk to actually be mounted to? Just asking. Didn't know of this monitor and may consider it for my front desk staff as I get a system built for them. The main missing component right now is the monitor so I'm...
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    Logitech G502 SE Hero - $29.99 @ Amazon and BB

    Too bad the regular G502 Hero isn't on sale at this price. Not a fan of the SE white mixed into it.
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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero not booting error code 90

    Interesting, my buddy had a similar issue with his ASUS ROG Strix X370. It had been working solidly, then he went out of town for Thanksgiving, came back, and it wouldn't boot up. He leaves his computer off majority of the time. He ended up swapping the GPU down to different PCIe slot and it...
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    Google workers fired amid organization efforts for retaliation

    What's wrong with it is that careers should be a meritocracy. Not a right. Especially with sectors like tech and the medical field. Ability to do the job and excel at it is more important than someone feeling entitled to a job when it comes to peoples' health, lives, and things like national...
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    ZEN2 users with 64gb mem, please come in....

    I tried for a bit and couldn't get 4x16GB sticks of F4-3200C14 to boot at all. Tried various settings like 3200 CL14, 3600 CL16, etc and giving it up to 1.5v and nothing. Ended up returning the new kit of 2x16GB and just sticking with my original 32GB.
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    Would you buy open box?

    I'd be iffy about buying Open Box from a 3rd party seller unless they're willing to take the hit on return shipping if the item is banged up or shows signs of wear/use since some people are careless with their purchases. And usually they won't since shipping is expensive and cuts into/kills a...
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    Uber Eats eating restaurant profits.

    Yea, all the delivery apps are ridiculous. For example, GrubHub has higher prices on the app than the actual menu in the store I ordered from. Then throw in the delivery fee and having to tip the driver and you're easily paying 50-100% more for the food. Only reason I actually use it is that...
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    Alienware 34 Monitor - AW3418DW - $686.37 - $100 GC

    I did a bunch of crazy "coupon'ing" like 2 years ago and got this monitor for ~$700 when it was new and selling for closer to $1100-1200. It's served me well - Dell was great about exchanging the panel when it was giving me trouble overclocking to 120hz. I'm sure they're good about letting you...
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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    Agreed, he doesn't fit the look of Geralt from the games. I was going to say they shoulda slapped some fake 5 o'clock shadow or beard on him or something - he just doesn't look right; although I guess they sort of get a pass since it's a "younger" Geralt. Still not a fan of the trailer but...
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    AMD AGESA Buggy, Company Pulls it from Motherboard Vendors

    Lol damn. I wasn't aware that heatsinks and RAM continue to evolve and improve at that rate. I upgrade my motherboard/CPU every couple years when there's a decent improvement (like with AMD Ryzen series). RAM is RAM until DDR5 lands. AIO heatsinks just get some fancy new packaging but aren't...